Friday, May 6, 2011


Rasmussen shows Obama's bin Laden bounce
College pres compares Amtrak to a train to Auschwitz

Wasn't that debate a bit like pre-season football?
Show No. 082-2011

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Opening • Comments: Obama at Ground Zero • Ground Zero today, nearly 10 years later • Audio: Construction workers on the death of bin Laden • If Obama were using this for re- election, he would have waited until next year • Rasmussen shows Obama's bounce from the death of bin Laden • Obama's national security rating rises • Al Qaeda vows revenge after bin Laden's death • Geronimo! US Army paratroopers call began in the 40s • Audio: Life Today: James Robison interviews Governor Rick Perry • Praying for our leaders and our nation •  The founding fathers' vision for America • Our best days are ahead of us • Private property rights • Limited power for the federal government, and larger power for the states • Audio: Governor Rick Perry's comments at the Texas Prayer Breakfast, 2011 • An outrageous concept: Government restraining itself •

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Opening • Audio: Andrew Wommack: Politics will not save this nation • Audio: Rick Perry on states' rights and a limited federal government (2009) • Texas lowered taxes, reduced spending, encouraged private sector growth • The oppressive federal government • Q&A after speech • Audio: Rick Perry at the Hannity Freedom Concert, August 2010Audio: Rick Santorum with Laura Ingraham on Obama: 'All he did was say yes' • Rant: Wasn't last night's debate more like pre-season football? • Audio: Herman Cain on Fox News discusses the economy • College president resigns after song lyrics are made public • Compares Amtrak to a train ride to Auschwitz in song • Audio: Television report on college professor's song lyrics • Jimmy Z Comment Line: Michael Stollaire on Obama and Ground Zero • Ray Wall on Adam's last phone call • Unemployment back up to 9.0% • Bin Laden's 12 year old daughter says he was unarmed when killed •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
National 9-11 Memorial, World Trade Center official site
Joe Woolhead Photography
The Jimmy Z Show: Aerial photo of Ground Zero, March 2011
YouTube: Ground Zero workers moved by bin Laden death
Rasmussen Reports: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Rasmussen Reports: Obama's national security ratings jump following bin Laden death
Yahoo News: Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden death and vows revenge
BBC: Osama bin Laden: Why Geronimo?
Life Today: Governor Rick Perry with James Robison
YouTube: Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the 2011 Texas Prayer Breakfast
YouTube: Gov. Rick Perry backs resolution affirming Texas sovereignty
YouTube: Governor Rick Perry at Sean Hannity freedom concert 2010
YouTube: Laura Ingraham: Rick Santorum on Obama: 'All he did was say yes'
Real Clear Politics: Herman Cain: 'We need to go from entitlement to empowerment'
CBS Sacramento: Modesto College President resigns over song lyrics
Bloomberg: Unemployment back up to 9.0%
Daily Mail UK: Wife watched bin Laden die, White House reveals he wasn't armed

1 comment:

John said...

Good stuff on the show... today?
Texas is looking better all the time! I thought that was an excellent point about Rick Perry as a candidate! But I can just hear the comments... "What? Another Texan in the White House!"...
If we compare two states, Texas and say California... What is significant there? Can we say there is a political spectrum?! Texas a "Exemplary model state"?
No doubt that Gov Perry is a leader like our nation needs... Leader being key!

But watch the media trot out who they want to see as Obamas challenger... like how did that RINO McCain ever get nominated?!
Media coverage...
Thanks again Mr.Zee