Friday, May 13, 2011


Common is a regular on PBS's Sesame Street
Savage, Hannity, Rove & Tim Conway Jr.

Some  conservatives can't handle the truth
Show No. 086-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Blogger issues the last couple of days • Rant: Conservatives who don't want to know the truth • McCain voted to allow the Planned Parenthood director to become a federal judge • IN DEPTH COVERAGE & COMMENTARY: 'COMMON' AT THE WHITE HOUSE • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. clobbers his knee on the air • Audio: Tim Conway Jr. talks about Common • Cop killers and bi-racial relationships • Audio: Michael Savage commentary on Michelle Obama inviting Common to the White House • The Obamas like this hippity hop stuff • Real poetry vs. hippity hop • Sidebar: Anderson Cooper isn't reporting on Egypt now that Christians are being killed • The Muslim Brotherhood moving Egypt into being an Islamic State • Audio: Jon Stewart runs interference for Michelle Obama; Common is 'Elmo's friend' • Common is a conscientious hippity hopper • Audio Rewind: Common lyrics •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Setting up my song: Don Imus calls Rutgers basketball women 'nappy headed hoes' • Don Imus appears on the Al Sharpton show to grovel and apologize • Music: 'Nappy Headed Ho', by Jimmy Z • Rant: What I would have said to Al Sharpton • What does anyone expect from the Don Imus show? • Common on Sesame Street • Audio: O'Reilly's challenge to Jon Stewart • Audio: Poetry at the White House by Common • Audio: Hannity discussion with two African Americans • Audio: Karl Rove comments on Common at the White House • Audio: Schmo on YouTube loves Common at the White House, has no idea what Common has written • Final comments: Article that documents McCain's voting record is called a 'hit piece' by Sarah Palin fan •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KFI AM 640: Tim Conway on Common's visit to the White House
YouTube: Michael Savage: Street rapper invited to White House Part 1
Minnesota Post: Egypt moves to combat violence against Christians
Telegraph UK: The Muslim Brotherhood's Salafi pact puts Christians in great danger
YouTube: Def Poetry Jam: Common, A letter to the law
YouTube: The Daily Show: Jon Stewart vs. Fox News
Hello Beautiful: Common gets a job on Sesame Street
YouTube: Don Imus calls girls basketball team nappy headed hoes
YouTube: The complete summary of The Don Imus 'nappy headed' incident
YouTube: O'Reilly's challenge to Jon Stewart: I would like to debate you
YouTube: Common performs poetry at the White House
YouTube: Fox News accuses Common of being a cop killer
Fox News: Hannity: Controversial rapper heads to White House Part 2
Fox News: Hannity: Karl Rove: Common a 'thug', Part 1
YouTube: Commentary re Common performs at the White House
Human Events: Let's closely examine McCain's record


Anonymous said...

Where was conservatives manufactured outrage when Bush met with Johnny Cash (who has some VERY violent/explicit lyrics?)

Please link me to your audio clips of conservative outrage over Ted Nugent as well (Who had lyrics about Obama sucking on his machine gun) ... Please tell me you were horribly outraged about that!

Jz said...

If you want to comment you cannot be anonymous. I won't publish anymore. You'll have to cite the lyrics that worry you. And remember, I didn't get into violence as much as the general disgusting tone of the hippity hoppers lyrics.

Better question: If you don't like Cash's lyrics, are you upset with Common's lyrics?

Remember, nothing anonymous.

Jz said...

Mr. Anonymous said that she's had too many death threats to post her name.

Sure she has.

Moving on. This site post no anonymous comments.