Thursday, May 12, 2011


Is it ever right to take the law into your own hands?
Common: Jeremiah Wright is 'a conduit of love'

In Spain, child rapist gets 3 day pass from prison
Show No. 085-2011

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Opening • BREAKING DOWN THE PRESIDENT'S IMMIGRATION SPEECH Part 2 • Audio: Ugly immigration rhetoric from Harry Reid • Obama on why folks are coming from Mexico to America • Amnesty and the job market • Rant: Joe six pack is going to think Obama make sense • Obama compliments Janet Napolitano • Boasting of border accomplishments • The eggs for breakfast analogy • Partnership with Mexico • Obama jokes about the porous border • Music: 'He Lies' (sing along!) by Jimmy Z • Audience boos the border fence • El Paso among the safest cities in the nation • Deporting people? No cheering. Deporting criminals? No cheering • Immigration reform is amnesty •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • TAKING THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS • Child rapist in Spain gets 3 day pass from prison, taunts mother of child • Woman burns man to death • Facebook and Blaze comments support the woman's act of revenge • Lorena Bobbitt is a hero to many women • What the Bible has to say about taking the law into your own hands • Jimmy Z commentary: How do you protect your family from behind bars? • Comments from Michael Stollaire & Debra JM Smith • Jimmy Z is an agent • Who decides who can take the law into their own hands? • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Audio: Limbaugh on Common going to the White House • Audio rewind: Jeremiah Wright (the bad Jeremiah) • Audio: Common supports Jeremiah Wright •

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