Tuesday, May 3, 2011


'Deathers' believe the USS Carl Vinson crew
is part of the bin Laden conspiracy
Waterboarding: Holder wanted to prosecute in 2009

What makes truthers, birthers and deathers tick?
Show No. 079-2011

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Opening • Rant: Democrats owe Bush an apology • Bush's courage gave Obama the information he needed to get bin Laden • If it had been up to democrats we would never have killed bin Laden • Deathers going nuts over Osama bin Laden • Impugning the reputation of the military • Bryan Suits and Capt. Dale Dye would have to be going along with the conspiracy • Audio: Capt. Dale Dye with John & Ken on the killing of Osama bin Laden • Audio: Bryan Suits with Bill Handel • Pakistan and bin Laden • Riffing on conspiracy believers • Obama's hair color • On denigrating the military to perpetuate conspiracy theories • Rush Limbaugh at his sarcastic best: Thank God for President Obama • Obama continued the Bush strategy in Guantanimo Bay •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • The Facebook Column: Jimmy Z on what makes conspiracy believers tick • Birthers, truthers and deathers: Jimmy Z gets slammed again by conspiracy nut job HarveyIN DEPTH: TWO YEARS AGO, ERIC HOLDER WAS CONSIDERING PROSECUTION OF ANYONE INVOLVED WITH WATERBOARDING • Audio: Rachel Maddow with Michael Isikoff • Audio: Congressman Schiff and Eric Holder talk about waterboarding • Rant: Why aren't these liberals speaking out against Obama using information that came from waterboarding? • Liberals on TV in 2009 were very upset about waterboarding • Audio: Dick Cheney responds to Eric Holder's statements on waterboarding (2009)


Adam said...

Nice comments on Obama's hair.

I like this one from Seth Meyers
"If Obama's hair got any whiter the tea party would endorse it"

LOL !!

Adam said...

Jimmy: "When you denigrate the military to perpetuate your conspiracy theories, that's unacceptable"

Well you must have thought it was ok denigrating the office of the president of the United States in order to perpetuate conspiracy theories. You did it yourself and supported people who did.

Adam said...

Why didn't you call out Terry Lakin for denigrating the Military to perpetuate the birther conspiracy theory? ... OOOh, I forgot. You used to be a birther. It was ok then.

Bed made. Lie.

Adam said...

You do a good job SPINNING things to somehow give credit to G.O.P. the things democrats do...

If the intelligence turned out to be wrong and they killed a bunch of Innocent people at that Pakistan "mansion" , causing an international firestorm over invading a sovereign nation and potentially starting another war, GOP sympathizers like you would be calling for Obama's impeachment over it.

Also it's SO IRONIC that whenever a democrat points out that we're still reeling from failures of the Bush White house, republicans like you scream "BUSH ISN'T PRESIDENT - OBAMA IS! "

Keep spinning Jim. You would make propagandists like Stalin PROUD.

Jz said...

No conspiracy theory my deluded friend. There WAS a long for birth certificate - one you said did not exist, recall?

Jz said...

I have been very critical of Lakin. I get throttled all the time on facebook for it, and I was lambasted constantly on PAN for my view of Lakin before they gave me the boot.

Adam said...

"one you said did not exist, recall?"

I never said that.

Adam said...

This is the last thing I'm ever going to say about this issue ...I'm bored to death of it. The truth will stand on it's own from here on out:

Here are the facts. These are undeniable facts. It's in writing. You will have to start entering the land of HAWAII IS IN ON THE CONSPIRACY to deny this.

2001 Hawaii Changed their law to maximize cost effectiveness and efficiency to include ONLY releasing the so called "Short Form" to ANYONE.

Here's another undeniable fact:
State's rights do not overrule the Constitution of the U.S.. No state in the union can legally say Hawaii's now ONLY type of BC is not good enough. Every state *HAS* to accept their version of the BC. The Full Faith and Credit clause of the constitution ENSURES this, as it ensures that the most basic workings of the UNION will not be interrupted. Any judge in the land would have recognized this.

Fact: Donald Trump said that the short form "is not as good" as the long form for many things. He simply lied on this.
Why have you supported people who lie about this?

In any case - What does the long form contain that the only document Hawaii releases since 2001 doesn't establish regarding eligibility? It was a disgusting fishing expedition. Most of you thought it had something embarrassing on it about Obama.

Final fact: Obama had to go above the law (or you could say BREAK the law) in order to get Hawaii to release his long form. No one else can do that. Terry Lakin even tried to get them to release his daughters long form, and they wouldn't.
You have denigrated the office of the presidency and this innocent man because he didn't originally think he should have to go around Hawaii's law and policies to do this....

I used to despise you for sinking to the level you did but I've found a lot of other things to respect you for so I've decided to overlook it and accept the fact that you were simply wrong here and over-reacting.

Jz said...

You are quite obsessed with this issue, as much if not more than the the birthers. Many leftist Obama supporters said there was no long form certificate, and I believe you did as well. I'm not looking back through 500 of your comments to find it. But in any case, the President was finally forced to stop playing games. You are not done on this issue. I'm not going to moderate this issue anymore.

Adam said...

". But in any case, the President was finally forced to stop playing games."

Actually quite the contrary. The only people who have been playing games are the birthers. They've never stopped and they never will. The number of people who believe Obama is ineligible will not significantly drop since he released this Document. Which begs the question, What was the point? ..

The only obsession I have is defending a good man who has been wronged by a segment of this population. History will be on the side of the one and only truth in this situation. Obama is not perfect and has made mistakes but he's helped the country in ways you couldn't even comprehend. I'll gladly go over executive orders and legislation that you may not even be aware of and explain how it will benefit society to you ... I have a feeling you'd rather just pass on that debate opportunity. You probably couldn't spin things enough to hide the truth of the matter.

Adam said...

"You are not done on this issue."

Actually when I said I'm done mentioning that list of facts I've brought up before, I meant it. It's your choice whether you look into it for confirmation or not. When have I ever been dishonest here?

Jimmy -- I'm going to be absolutely frank with you. You've got a lot of good qualities. You're a pretty reasonable guy about a lot of things, showing depth of character and *attempting* to side with truth.

You're just not so successful in your attempts at truth sometimes. You've some VERY bad habits too. I don't think you have any cruel intent with this-You seem to be a good person but when you blatantly assume things about people and totally rip them apart based upon your assumptions -- Like you did when you ripped me for bringing up God. I believe in God , always have -- I just don't view God as a fire and brimstone vengeance type of being ... It's very wrong and self righteous of you to pretend you are the only type who believes in God. You're pushing your view of religion on others.

Also you're calling me a liar about the whole long form thing. I have NEVER said that it didn't exist. I might have said Obama could have lost his copy. (I lost mine once and I've never even left the country like him) I always figured Hawaii had it in storage. - I even remember telling you or someone they were wrong about Governor Abercrombie. You falsely reported on your show that the Gov said he couldn't find the Long Form. That is absolutely false, it was a lie from a world net daily story. I can pull up the transcript of the only time the Gov mentioned not being able to release the document. He said he COULDN'T due to privacy laws. You can see for yourself the type of dishonesty propagated by these people ..

You got a taste of the dishonesty from birthers YOURSELF - That one birther lied about you having Viruses on your webpage .. See what I mean? They have no moral underpinning that stop them from lying about their enemies.

John said...

Michael Isikoff sounded like the incoherent news reporter...

John said...

Cheney makes a good argument, but if what was done was legal then there could be no future ramifications.
Yes they do seem to have "Flip-flopped" on the war issues...

Jz said...

Adam, I am not a fan of or concerned with birthers. I was concerned about the long for birth certificate, which Donald Trump forced Obama to release finally. Good for Trump, silly for Obama.

Now, get off this topic already. Boring.

Answer this: Why hasn't Obama thanked Bush for doing the work needed to catch bin Laden?

Never mind, Obama doesn't have that kind of class.

Adam said...

Answer this: Why hasn't Obama thanked Bush for doing the work needed to catch bin Laden?"

He probably did... He invited Bush to ground zero event to take part in the spotlight due to his war effort.

Bush declined.

Adam said...

So Obama decided not to release the gory pictures of dead Osama. What do you think of this?

I agree with him -- We don't need this to be used as a rallying cry by the extremists. He has the best interest of America and it's soldiers in mind.

Jz said...

Publicly, dumbass. I've been on it for two days on my show. The democrats are ignoring the fact that they used information they NEVER would have been able to obtain on their own.

Adam said...

Dumbass? I simply made a couple factual points. No need to be that way. Why are you such a defender of Bush anyway? When a democrat points out a Bush mistake we're still recovering from people like you scream BUSH IS NOT PRESIDENT. But when it's something positive that is affecting us, you have no problem bringing it up.

Double standard?

Have a good day Jimmy.

Adam said...

So why do you live in such a liberal state if you hate liberals so much?

I used to live in the South East U.S., very red GOP state. I finally had to get out of there; Too many liars and cheats - dishonest and petty people. People are great out here in Seattle area..Very friendly and not stuck up holier than thou religious types.

Adam said...

I remember you did a show a few months ago where you said people like me you would never be friends with ... Fair enough ;

I do wonder though, do you have friends who will be there for you till the day you die? How many true friends do you have that call themselves conservative? (Most people in my life who called themselves that ended up being back stabbers and liars)

My friends aren't liberal but they don't call themselves conservative either -- They're individuals and independent thinkers. They are the most loyal people I've ever known (over 17 years now) -- and they know and love me for being loyal and always honest to them.

I just think it's a sad commentary on you that your nose is so high in the air that you won't even be friends with people who happen to disagree with you politically.

Jz said...

Nonsense. If you want to play games and avoid the point, I'm not playing. You have been allowed hundreds of comments about the issue you focus on. Now I'm asking you specifically, why have you democrats not acknowledged (a) your hypocrisy concerning waterboarding and (b) the FACT that without Bush standing up for what he believed as the best way to defend the country, Obama could not have killed bin Laden.

Get to it. Address those issues.

Adam said...

"(a) your hypocrisy concerning waterboarding and (b) the FACT that without Bush standing up for what he believed as the best way to defend the country, Obama could not have killed bin Laden.

There you go again lumping all liberals in together like we all have the same viewpoint and are not individuals... I have been EXTREMELY vocal against the liberals who were slamming Obama for his foreign policy. We do not ride on the same train on this and many other issues. I can pull up many old comments of mine where I was slamming Cenk Yugar (the young turks) for always criticizing Obama's foreign policy.

Again, you might be right about bush (except on Iraq) . You should give Obama way more credit for doing what is right for the American people regardless that he KNEW he would lose popularity among his core constituency. That's a DIFFERENT kind of politician. What other politician does this?

As for waterboarding .. I'm still not sure about that one. Never have taken a strong position for or against. I'm not a touchy feely San Fransisco type lib. I do not have a lot of sympathy for savages.

Adam said...

"the FACT that without Bush standing up for what he believed as the best way to defend the country, Obama could not have killed bin Laden.

You should be on your show saying WOW, Obama intentionally hurt his OWN support and polls among his core base TO DO WHAT WAS RIGHT *FOR AMERICA*. Show me another politician who does that, because I want to sign up as a supporter.

But no, you always find some little petty thing to slam the man on.