Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi everyone, you'll have to forgive me. I got up this morning for an early morning appointment to have my car serviced. That went well - oil and filter change, tire rotation and a car wash) - and so I stopped by the grocery store for a few quick things. Then of course, one thing led me to another. Better pick up paper towels. Oh and I need some soup. And Coffeemate. And then another thing and another and another, so I thought, why do half a shopping job when I'm already there?

So I head into the check out, and all that stuff is going through as nice as you please, and I always wait until the total is given first before I give them the grocery market card, which adds up the discounts, and that's fun to watch $25 to $30 go away. Then wait, I'll stop by the bagel shop and get some bagels. Ok, time to go home.

When I got home there was some graphics work to do and so that led to some other work, and now there won't be a show today. But TOMORROW! There's going to be a BIG show!

In the meantime, you might really enjoy this - American music, gorgeous music. Down From The Mountain is known as the O Brother Where Art Thou concert. One glorious performance after another. All I can say is, enjoy. The full concert is now on YouTube. You and I will talk tomorrow.

Click HERE to watch Down From The Mountain in its entirety.


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