Thursday, May 5, 2011


Obama floats new revenue taxing cars by the mile
Susie Castillo takes on Obama's TSA pat downs

Native Americans upset over code name 'Geronimo'
Show No. 081-2011

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Opening • Busy show, too much to talk about • Americans upset because no photos and no video will be released • Audio: Barack Obama on 60 Minutes talks about releasing bin Laden pictures •  Rant: The conspiracy theories are getting out of hand •  DNA testing does not take two weeks • Sarah Palin is wrong to demand bin Laden photos be released • On celebrating the death of bin Laden • Native Americans upset over the use of code name Geronimo for bin Laden • Congress discusses sports teams with Native American themed mascotsObama floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile • Audio: The Obama 'no new taxes' mash up • Audio: Obama in 2007 says military is 'air- raiding villages and killing civilians' • TSA ISSUE HEATS UP AGAIN • Audio: Miss USA Susie Castillo's video at Dallas Airport • Claims to be molested by TSA agents • Audio: Susie Castillo part two at the airport • Audio: YouTube Schmo commentary on Susie Castillo's complaint about the TSA • Audio: Susie Castillo on Today with Meredith Vieira • Rant: I hope Ms. Castillo can get some traction •

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Opening • Catching up with the Jimmy Z Comment Line • Wrong number • Ray: Conservatives going after each other • Adam: Governor Abercrombie in Hawaii • The two certificates of birth and how they differ • Why conservatives wanted to see the long form certificate • Adam throws the race card • The 'immaturity' of not wanting to vote for a Muslim president • Ray: Political hypocrisy • Alan West • Credit for Bush • Bin Laden, celebration and conspiracies • Upcoming election in 2012 • Obama the anti-Christ • Adam: Well trained spin artist • Supposed hypocrisy in dealing with Bush • Democrats 'supported Bush's war in Afghanistan' • Adam's cool Jimmy Z song! • Adam's last phone call to the show • Jimmy Z breaks down at the thought of Adam leaving • Unemployment claims jump up last week • Obama administration refuses to declare Texas a federal disaster • Audio: Television report on Texas disaster relief • Audio: TV report on Native Americans upset over the use of the name 'Geronimo' code name for bin Laden •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: Obama: I won't release bin Laden death photos
CBS News: Sarah Palin to Obama: Stop pussyfooting and release bin Laden photos
Environmental Graffiti: High speed DNA testing that can ID offenders in hours
DNA Paternity: 48 hour paternity test
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama to release up to 2,000 photographs of prisoner abuse
AISH: When evil fails
Chicago Sun Times: Apache tribe wants apology for calling bin Laden 'Geronimo'
LA Times: Congress to discuss use of Geronimo's name in bin Laden mission
The Hill: Obama administration floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile
YouTube: Obama: Troops just air-raiding villages and killing civilians
YouTube: Miss USA Susie Castillo sexually assaulted by the TSA
YouTube: Commentary: Susie Castillo and the TSA (WARNING: VULGAR)
NBC: Today: Beauty queen takes on touchy issue with TSA
World Net Daily: Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate
Zero Hedge: Charting today's second worst ever initial jobless claims
Bloomberg: Jobless claims in US unexpectedly jump due to anomalies
YouTube: Wildfire disaster aid denied by Obama administration
KBTX: Perry: Feds deny Texas Federal Disaster Declaration for wildfires
Star-Telegram: Texas officials hope feds will reconsider disaster declaration
YouTube: Bin Laden code name upsets US tribes


John said...

What?! No Adam today?! I hope your okay dude...

Photos... I agree that it isn't so important that we see them. But the reason isn't because he wants to do the right thing, but for political purposes... Case in point; Abu Ghraib!

But there is a solution. We have representatives from every district of the US that can have access to assure us that it is true. Although Palin makes a good case, I don't agree with her. The fact he is dead is enough of a determent! Case closed!

And I also agree that it really is a sad thought of ANY person in eternal torment...

Geronimo! How many times as a kid have we all said that! It's a matter of how you want to characterize it! And if an Indian pokes fun at Gen Custer?! Who will make his last stand?!?! (pun intended)

Tax by the mile. Can't these morons figure out how to utilize the money they have now! We already pay a tax at the pump!
And a great point to a question I have pondered... Executive branch legislating law... !
Yeah, just what we need. Another office of "sit around and play solitary" wasting hard earned peoples money!

Our case with the TSA is not with the workers, but with the policy!
Who is being violated?
So she reentered the US in Dallas it seems. witch is reall dumb since before you can get into the airport in Rio, she had to go though security there! I have contemplated often how I will react to this in Dulles or whatever place I return to the US from Germany...
wow.. really god stuff today Jim

John said...

Yeah, what a bozo... The stupid youtube boob! He has no idea how that woman or any other person may feel! He might want someone to touch him! But as for me, and obviously many others, we don't like it!
It will require an extreme desire to be home again to keep from getting arrested! I realize it isn't personal (hopefully) on the part of the TSA worker, but it is a very personal issue. One that the fat guy just can't seem to get. Has he ever been through it?
I have. I have seen the changes in the last 10 years since I have been flying to and from Europe! I was in Europe on 9/11.
Dumb kid!
And she makes a very valid point. what next?! Cavity search?