Wednesday, May 4, 2011


'Time to listen to John Kerry & Barack Obama teach Bush supporters how to fight terrorists'
Rush: Democrats owe Americans an apology

Rewind: Nancy Pelosi lies about waterboarding
Show No. 080-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Conspiracy nuts and the future of conservatism • Some are demanding pictures and video from the Navy SEAL operation • Audio: Lawrence O'Donnell goes back in time to denigrate Bush, glorify Obama • Obama is more wise, more experienced than George W. Bush? • Calling the deaths of our soldiers 'a waste' • Audio: Bush talks about why bin Laden wasn't the priority anymore • 'Listen to John Kerry and President Barack Obama teach them how to fight terrorists' • Audio: Mark Levin on waterboarding and liberal democrats • Audio: Rush Limbaugh: Democrats owe us an apology •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Limbaugh: Democrats and liberals owe Americans an apology (continued) • Audio: Idiot introduces 'free speech' video • Audio: Steven Crowder on Pelosi's waterboarding lie • Audio: Pelosi lies about not knowing waterboarding was happening (2009) • Audio: Rachel Maddow on Pelosi lying about waterboarding • Audio: Drinking With Bob on Pelosi lying about waterboarding • Audio: Mark Levin on Pelosi lying about waterboarding • Audio: Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter on Pelosi lying about waterboarding • Audio: Brian Williams with Leon Panetta, who verifies that waterboarding led to bin Laden • Audio: Carl Levin denies waterboarding was used for information on bin Laden • Audio: Karl Rove on finding bin Laden with waterboarding information • Audio: Rep. Steve King on waterboarding • Audio: Hannity with Donald Rumsfeld on waterboarding • Audio: Russia Today commentary • Audio: Bush advisor denies waterboarded information • David Letterman: Last words of Osama big Laden •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Mediaite: Lawrence O'Donnell on the capture of Osama bin Laden
Mark Levin: Audio page for the Mark Levin Show
Rush Limbaugh: Tuesday May 3, 2011
YouTube: The Waterboarding Song (WARNING: VULGAR) (2006)
YouTube: 'The Dark Pelosi' (with waterboarding!) featuring Steven Crowder (2009)
YouTube: Pelosi: Bush team misled her on waterboarding (2009)
YouTube: Pelosi caught lying about torture (2009)
YouTube: Drinking With Bob: Nancy Pelosi can't stop lying (2009)
YouTube: Mark Levin on Pelosi's hypocrisy about waterboarding (2009)
YouTube: Ann Coulter on Pelosi's waterboarding knowledge (2009)
YouTube: Leon Panetta on the role of waterboarding in killing bin Laden
YouTube: Sen. Carl Levin doesn't have 'any basis' to believe waterboarding was used
YouTube: Rove: Bottom line is waterboarding led to information on bin Laden
YouTube: Did investigators use waterboarding in bin Laden chase?
YouTube: Sorry lefties: Rumsfeld says waterboarding led US to bin Laden
YouTube: Torture did not lead to bin Laden
YouTube: Obama advisor: Waterboarding did NOT lead to Osama bin Laden
CBS: Late Show with David Letterman


Adam said...

Ok Jimmy..I'm going to go ahead and give you props: You might just be right about Bush doctrine (except I'm still not convinced about Iraq) ...

You said Obama was smart to continue this foreign policy. You know what this shows? Obama knew that his foreign policy would upset much of his core liberal base but he did it anyway for the good of the American people. (He didn't let the far left dictate what he does - He simply did what was right.. So much for him being a far left extremist that your side makes him out to be)

All this took courage and conviction. I'm glad I've stood by his decisions every step of the way and didn't try to throw him under the bus like some liberals did.

Oh and another thing - the AP reported that Bush was one of the first people Obama called about Osama Bin Laden being taken out. I'm sure Obama gave Bush due credit in that conversation -- but OH NO ; you think he should have made a public spectacle out of that. You think he should have done a PHOTO OP on this,.

Jz said...

Obama never does anything because it's right. He did this because it was the 'military victory' he needs for some credibility. All of this 'accomplishment' was due to the HARD work of Bush and the military. Obama knows no humility. He takes credit for the stuff he did not do.

Adam said...
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Adam said...
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Jz said...

Uh oh, you're taking things a bit personally, having been caught with your pants down again - your hypocrisy and that of all the liberals is showing.

Hour TWO is REALLY gonna make you ticked!

Adam said...

"Hour TWO is REALLY gonna make you ticked!"

That's all you're about isn't it.. Just pissing into the wind to see who you can hit...

Not very mature of you Jimmy...Shows how weak your position really is.

People like you are responsible for the dangerous divide we have in America.

Adam said...
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Adam said...
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Adam said...
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Adam said...
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Adam said...
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Jz said...

Why do I live in CA? Because it's Reagan country, doofus.

Jz said...

My friends come from many stripes, but never do they say anything hateful like you.

Jz said...

We're not talking about Obama's foreign policy. Did you not listen? We're talking about a guy who ran a compaign in part AGAINST waterboarding! Obama the hypocrite.

Jz said...

My goal is to inform. But while I know I'm informing, I know that information and truth really make liberals mad.

Jz said...

Good luck with that. Since no one on the solo internet level can touch my show, I'm not losing any sleep.

Adam said...

You really need to grow up and be *honest* with yourself and stop being dishonest in general. You really do think you're perfect, don't you? No wonder you haven't been able to keep a good Woman.

You really would be a swell guy if you'd just stop being so arrogant and full of yourself. Women do not like those traits, it's why you've been left before.

Adam said...

Seriously man; I'm not even trying to say anything hurtful. I think you have potential but you are too stubborn and dishonest about some things.... I say hateful things in return , perhaps I shouldn't --but that doesn't make what you do right.

I'm going to take a break , I might check in again sometime in future, don't know ..When you start grouping a whole segment of the population together though and saying "THEY ALL ARE LIKE THIS" , None of them believe in God, yada yada yada , You start losing credibility fast. People are NOT machines. As much as you demonize people and try to take their individualism away, all you're doing is dehumanizing yourself.

Anyway I'm out for a while...Won't be posting here for some time. You're too toxic man; I sometimes think you're just a trouble maker.

Jz said...

Dude: It seems to me you started getting mad when you were asked specifically about the liberal hypocrisy. If you don't like being singled out, I can understand that. But you represent the liberal mindset here, and it's just too easy to say 'I was never against waterboarding.' Liberals on the whole have been all along the way.

Adam said...

Conservatives hate the president so much that they use one of the most glorious days in recent American history as an occasion to hate on the president some more...

History will show that HATE will not prevail in this next election.

You will lose this... You are on the wrong side of history. Bye Jimmy.

Adam said...

#1 There is no "liberal mindset"
#2 I think for MYSELF.
#3 You choose to call me a liar when you conveniently have a hard time believing my views.

Thought about the waterboarding issue , never took a hard line position on it before as I don't take up the majority of things you think are such big liberal issues. I don't believe in this "liberal ideology" that you attribute to me.

Decided I'd support using "enhanced interrogation technique" on officers and other enemy combatants who would have information of use. If they have info on imminent attack of U.S. and that's the only way we could get it, heck ya I'd support waterboarding.

If you want to continue calling me a liar about my views, then we're done. Not going to subject myself to that kind of disrespect. You're not worth it.

Jz said...

If you were thinking for yourself you would not support Obama.

I have copies of your comments here in email. I will be replacing those comments you chose to remove. I think that people should see what you are about.

I should have time to get to that this weekend.

Adam said...

The ability to see the error of your ways is one of the best human traits you can have. It's how we evolve and grow. Hence the reason I deleted a bunch of my comments. Enemy is too harsh of a word to classify you. You're just an ignorant bystander.

Adam said...

"I think that people should see what you are about.

Sure. There are a LOT of comments you've left in moderation over the last year. If you were really honest about showing what I'm about, you'd let it all hang out.

The only reason I deleted the comments today was because I don't want to treat you as an enemy. Not because I care that people saw that I was going there -- Again, you've called me a LIAR over and over about views I've personally come to . You think I belong to some imaginary "liberal mindet" that controls my perception are such a fool indeed. I have as many so-called conservative viewpoints as liberal . I'm against Abortion but not against Obama ..It's not something we should rush into banning until we have the money to deal with the consequences of a ban. You need to deal with the underlying societal problems at the same time as slowing down the number of abortions. You can not just legislate a successful outcome overnight on something like that. It would take planning and a gradual shift.

John said...

Adam, Would it be asking too much for you to explain why you are, IMO, sold out to Obama?
Really, I honestly want to try and understand why you seem to believe he can do no wrong...

John said...

Lawrence O’Donnell... Is there a term that would best describe him? All the ones that come to mind, just seem to fall short.
His attempt to spin Kerry's spin just shows what he's all about. There truly is no counterpart on Fox news! I have to say, it was hard to listen to... police action. Goes against even the Liberal ideology...
His motive was clear. To see the return of Bush-derangement syndrome.
I'm no fan of Bush, but to try and defend Obama by trotting out John Kerry is reaching...
I|m not a fan of torture, but it will happen. And if it helps us "We the people", at least keep it under wraps. I agree there are things we don't need to be told.
IMHO, the media is trying to circle the wagons to protect "The One"...
Great video by Steven Crowder. You truly have to feel very strong about an issue to dress up like that!
So, if Nancy Pelosi represents her district, what does that say about those people?!