Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Obama at the border starts Hispandering again
Sarah Palin is responsible for two Senate RINOs

Palin's nauseating radio ad for McCain campaign
11 Senate Republicans allow Planned Parenthood director to become lifetime federal judge
Show No. 083-2011

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Opening • Why no show yesterday • Birthers keep going, and going • The Null & Void theory dissected again • 'Trump is only guy who can win and win big' • There's money in the birth certificate issue • Cindy Sheehan headlines a week of occupation protests in Sacramento • 4 Republicans in CA stymie Gov. Brown and democrats in CA • 'Parents of Imprisoned Youth' will be part of the big protest for higher taxes • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separate after 25 years • Peace activists protesting in Sacramento • Audio: Cindy Sheehan says bin Laden isn't really dead • Audio: John & Ken excerpts: The teachers protesting in California • Pensions for teachers • Audio: TV interview with Cindy Sheehan • Obama at the border on Tuesday begins Hispandering again • Antonio Villaraigosa has Obama's back, says that Republicans in DC are the reason amnesty hasn't passed • Audio: TV news report on Obama at the border • The border wall and antelope • Rant: Start with a wall and add armed guards •

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Opening • 'It's A Fine Time To Leave Us Barack', song parody by Jimmy Z • Audio: KGTV story on Hezbollah setting up operations south of the border • Audio: Charles Payne with Andrea Cantaro • How do you stop food stamps and welfare • Audio: Pastor David Lombardi from Ohio on corporations • LATEST ON THE RINOS IN THE SENATE11 Republicans allow a Planned Parenthood director's confirmation as a life long federal judge • John McCain campaigned as a conservative, immediately begins voting as a liberal again • Sarah Palin responsible for both McCain and Lisa Murkowski • Sarah Palin's decision to campaign for John McCain killed JD Hayworth's chances • The phone call Sarah Palin should have made • McCain already friendly with Obama, says he's easy to work with • Shocking Audio: Sarah Palin's radio ad for John McCain • Palin lies throughout the 45 seconds she recordedRant: How can any conservative support Sarah Palin? • Mitch Daniels: Commentary from Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson and Dick Morris • Audio: Excerpt from Rush Limbaugh •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Facebook: This issue is not going away
Village Voice: Cindy Sheehan doesn't believe Osama bin Laden is dead
Mercury News: California parents press tax hikes to find schools
San Francisco Chronicle: California teachers rally against budget cuts
San Francisco Chronicle: Schwarzenegger, Shriver separating after 25 years
YouTube: Cindy Sheehan on believing Osama bin Laden is dead
KFI AM 640: John & Ken show page
YouTube: Cindy Sheehan to protest at capitol next week
NY Times: Obama courts Latino voters with immigration speech
KRGV TV: President Obama will visit border today
Grist: In Texas, Obama faces test on border-wall promise
10 News: Terrorist group setting up operations near border
KFI AM 640: Charles Payne show page
Trinity Gospel Temple: Pastor Dave Lombardi
CNS News: Republicans allow former Planned Parenthood director to become fed judge
YouTube: Governor Palin radio ad for John McCain in 2010
Rush Limbaugh: Ruling class Washington thinks they've beaten back the Tea Party
Washington Examiner: What the GOP can learn from Canada's conservatives
Red State: Mitch Daniels, the anti-Tea Party candidate
Dick Morris: If Daniels runs?


John said...

wow... I had to pause the show at his point on the inept media.
Here we have the PoTUS in Texas trumpeting the wonderful unlawful immigration from Mexico and saying that the border fence is almost complete. (5%)!!
Meanwhile we have Hezbollah setting up operations in the armpit of America!
He obviously thinks we are blind deaf and dumb!
And BTW, I liked how you put the stupidity of irresponsible parents in Cali to shame. If you want to be regarded as credible, you need some credibility! Being a failed parent wont do!

John said...

My good works are the fruit of my faith.

John said...

Libertarians are all in favor of legalizing DRUGS?! Not this one...
Where do you get that crap? I may be wrong, but it seems to be a gross mischaracterization.
Are you referring to what Ron Paul said about Heroin at the SC debate?
And if it is true what you say about Libertarians, then I would still stand by RP. Because we are free to make decisions be them good or bad. Do you need the Govt to keep you from the temptation to shoot up heroin?

However, I do agree with you said about Palin. I really do like her, but I will not support her in that light.

Bottom line.. Barack must go! and quite a few RINOs as well!

Jz said...

I still have to do my overall review of some very disturbing libertarian views. Not all libertarians believe all these things of course.