Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sup Court upholds AZ illegal alien employer law
'Improving' economy brings more jobless claims

Mark Levin: The democrats were the party of slavery
Show No. 093-2011

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Opening • YouTube schmos say goodbye to Oprah • Audio: The View: Praise for The Oprah • Audio Rewind: The Jimmy Z Show, April 2010: The religious lies of Oprah Winfrey • Audio rewind: What does it mean when they say God is a 'jealous' God?  Oprah can't understand it - but you will • The economy: Jobless claims up, stocks down • Supreme Court upholds AZ illegal alien employer law • Netanyahu protester was a self hating Codepink Jew • Rick Perry might still run • NY asst teacher says she was fired for her faith • Obama blows toasting the Queen • Chris Matthews goes nutty over Obama in Dublin •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Peter Fonda insanity at Cannes • Reading: O'Bama is as Irish as he is black • Gallup poll says 61% believe all or most abortions should be illegal • Audio: Paul Ryan on Face the Nation defends his medicare plan • Audio: Allen West talks about the GOP field of hopefuls • Audio: Mark Levin reminds us that the democratic party was the party of slavery • Obama says he doesn't have to get congressional approval for his war in Libya .. and then asks for congressional approval • Audio: 'RINO Remover' commercial •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Goodbye Oprah
YouTube: The View: Hot Topics - Oprah says goodbye
The Jimmy Z Show: April 21, 2010 (Oprah's weird religion)
Reuters: Jobless claims up, GDP unrevised
The Street: Stocks tumble on Eurozone debt woes
LA Times: Supreme Court upholds law targeting employers
Israel National News: Netanyahu's lone heckler in Congress was a Codepink Jew
Texas Tribune: Texas Governor won't rule out 2012 run
NY Post: Assistant teacher says she was fired for her faith
YouTube: Awkward moment in Obama's toast to the Queen
Real Clear Politics: Matthews swoons: Obama in Ireland reminds him of JFK
Telegraph UK: Peter Fonda encourages his grandchildren to take up arms against Obama
Telegraph UK: O'Bama? O'Puh-leeze!
CNS News: 61 percent say all or most abortions should be illegal
Breitbart: Watch how Rep. Paul Ryan answers same question Newt was asked
YouTube: Allen West not impressed with current GOP field of candidates
YouTube: Mark Levin talks about how the democratic party was the party of slavery
ABC News: White House on War Powers deadline
CNN: Republican senators press president on War Powers deadline
The Hill: Obama asks Congress for a resolution of support on Libya
YouTube: RINO Remover


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