Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's simple: Do what it takes to secure the !*@&! border
Michelle Obama brings vulgar rapper to White House

Obama's speech on immigration reform (Amnesty)
Show No. 084-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Overview: So much going on • Audio: Greg Abbott, Texas Atty General talking about Obama on the border • Obama mocks Americans who want a secure border • Immigration Reform is important to Obama again • Obama is going to Texas to Hispander • Obama cannot create jobs so he'll concentrate on issues like amnesty • Border remains porous • 'The job isn't done until the border is secure' • Rant: Do what it takes to secure the !?#$*@! borderObama says border security is just politics • Audio: Phoenix TV news report on Obama at the border • Audio: A Schmo on YouTube talks about making it easy for illegals to come across the border • Audio clips: Portions of the Republican debate in South Carolina • Question to Ron Paul on Israel • Question to Ron Paul on homosexual marriage • Ron Paul on the Definition of Marriage Act • Question to Herman Cain on DOMA • Question to Ron Paul on legalized drugs • Question to Herman Cain on the Boeing jobs • MICHELLE OBAMA INVITES HIPPITY HOPPER TO WHITE HOUSE • Reading lyrics from Common's track 'Heidi Hoe' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Maybe Michelle Obama identifies with Common's lyrics • More choice Common lyrics • Unbelievable: This guy is going to the White House at the invitation of Michelle Obama • Audio: Sample of Common's great track 'Heidi Hoe' • Daily Mail article: Common once called for Bush to be burned, and praised a convicted cop killer • The Obamas feel connected to hippity hop losers • Audio: Common calls for burning President Bush in some stupid poem on stage • Jeremiah Wright was Michelle's pastor • Obama says he doesn't like Common's song lyrics • REALITY CHECK: Michael Stollaire on President Obama • Conclusion: Cancel the invite to the hippity hop singer • BREAKING DOWN OBAMA'S IMMIGRATION REFORM SPEECH, EL PASO, TX • Obama talks about how great immigration is • Rant: This issue is not about immigration; It's about ILLEGAL immigration • The Constitution does not apply to everyone in the world • What will 12 million new legal residents do to the job market •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
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CS Monitor: Hippity Hopper Common: Should he be disinvited from Obama poetry event?
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YouTube: Obama's Immigration Reform speech

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