Monday, May 2, 2011


Celebrating the death of bin Laden isn't Biblical
Osama bin Laden shot, buried at sea within 24 hours

If Bush had done this, would liberals be so happy?
Show No. 078-2011

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Opening • Overview on Al Qaeda and bin Laden going forward • I'm not sure about all this celebrating • Bible verses about celebrating the fall of our enemy • LA Times reports that information about bin Laden's courier was obtained by using 'torture' (Obama's word) • Audio: Rush Limbaugh discussing the information gained through waterboarding • Deathers: Just another conspiracy theory • The conspiracy theory theory • Geraldo's great name flub on the air • Without information obtained with waterboarding, Obama would not have be able to kill bin Laden • Obama shows up 65 minutes late for his speech • Audio: Wayne Resnick talks about Obama's late arrival • Audio: Bryan Suits & Wayne Resnick talk about America's reaction to the news • Liberal democrats hail this military achievement • Audio: Resnick & Suits continued • Kids start gathering at the White House before Obama starts speaking • Since when are liberal college kids impressed by this  military stuff? • Audio: Barack Obama on waterboarding and torture • Breaking down Obama's bin Laden speech last night • Obama was doing college basketball brackets • Navy SEALS not acknowledged •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Posting links to the shows earlier now on my website • Audio: Breaking down Obama's announcement • Obama on unity in America • I'd like Obama to defend our country for a change • Audio: Wayne Resnick & Bryan Suits comments after the speech • The Alex Jones conspiracy theory: Bin Laden was frozen in 2002 • Renick & Suits continued • Audio: The View talks about the death of bin Laden • Bin Laden was buried at sea within 24 hours & why • Some Muslim clerics not at all happy with bin Laden burial at sea • Audio: More from The View • If this had happened during the Bush administration, do you think any of these liberals would be singing his praises? • ABC's Brian Ross on The View • Music: Bin Laden song • Youtube commentary on bin Laden's death • More audio: Obama talking about waterboarding & torture •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Bible Gateway: Proverbs 24:17-18
Global Post: Osama bin Laden, The Navy Seals
LA Times: CIA led US special forces mission against Osama bin Laden
ABC News: White House officials debate releasing photos of bin Laden
ABC News: In March, Obama authorized plan to bomb compound, did not execute
ABC News: Osama bin Laden killed by US strike
Huffington Post: People forget bin Laden was not the mastermind behind 9/11
Facebook: Video posted by Nathan Lively: Geraldo Rivera flubs Osama for Obama
YouTube: Obama admits waterboarding  is torture (2009)
KFI AM 640: Wayne Resnick speaking with Bryan Suits
Infowars: Bin Laden frozen since 2002
Washington Times: Obama snubs Bush, praises himself on bin Laden takedown
ABC: Osama bin Laden's death leads to spontaneous celebration
Fox News: Usama bin Laden is dead, sources confirm
Air Force Times: Bin Laden buried at sea aboard USS Carl Vinson
Sea Services: Information on Muslim funeral customs
AP: Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden's sea burial
Guardian UK: Sea burial of Osama bin Laden breaks sharia law
YouTube: Hot topics: Bin Laden's death
YouTube: Brian Ross on bin Laden's death Part 1
YouTube: Dead bin Laden song by T. Paige
YouTube: Osama bin Laden dead YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
YouTube: Obama: US 'will not torture' (2009)
YouTube: DC on Obama torture remarks (2009)


Adam said...

Jimmy Z "So we should be taking our ques as to how we should act in America based on what they're doing in the middle east"

Well...I'm not sure if this was your argument but most people on the right kept mentioning "Well Saudi Arabia doesn't let us build Christian churches there so why should we let them build their mosque here" .. My response back then is "so we should have the same lack of religious freedom here as they do there? " .. Seriously man - this was PAM GELLERS train of thought. You mentioned being a big fan of hers. ... Did you just contradict yourself or were you of the same opinion as I on this Jimmy?


Adam said...

One last thing and I'm done commenting on this : Please let me have my say here.

You keep saying liberals "hate the military" .. I hated what the government directed the military to DO in Vietnam and Iraq (two wars we had no business in) -- I have a challenge for you though, can you find any comments from liberals being against us going into Afghanistan? I really don't think you can and if you do , I will find it highly suspect. They certainly wouldn't be a consensus of liberal thought on that war. I know I was ALL for going after the people who attacked us on 9.11..

I'm sure you can find people who were upset we were sending more troops to Afghanistan last year - even some conservatives were upset about it. (I personally wasn't) I understand why they were upset though, we have been there for 10 years and it didn't seem to be doing any good (till now) ...

Seriously friend, you are typecasting and generalizing a LARGE and diverse group of people. A lot of people who lean left AGREE WITH YOU that Code Pink and others similar groups are crazy. Should I ASSUME you think a certain way based on what people on PAN talk about? No I don't think so - so please stop generalizing.

Jz said...

Liberals DO hate the military.

Adam said...

With all due respect man, you are simply and absolutely wrong about "Liberals" ... You just can't generalize such a diverse group of people.

There are some VERY INSANE people who call themselves liberal just as there are on the conservative side of the fence. The insane people are the LOUDEST and sometimes most visible. They DO NOT ..I repeat *DO NOT* represent me or anyone I'm friends with.

Adam said...

"Liberals DO hate the military."

I don't. Does that make me a conservative?

I also don't think abortion is right. Does that make me a conservative?

Seriously man , why are you so against individualism and think everyone is either one way or the other? Most people are NOT lemmings. No one represents me but myself.

Adam said...

Perhaps I'm not even a liberal .. I'm a center left moderate. Most people on PAN would call me a liberal though -- heck, people call YOU a liberal all the time and you are most certainly right wing. You're not FAR right but I don't see you as a moderate.

Adam said...

Jimmy Z "Since Osama Bin Laden has been relaxing in a palace for years"

I would really like to have the connections you do to know these kind of things...Jimmy bro .., how do you know he wasn't coordinating his extremist followers? He has put out many videos since 9/11 trying to project himself as still very much in the game. Unless you have some top secret foreign intelligence then you or I don't know what he's been up to. He could have been plotting and preparing for another huge attack for all we know--the evil little man was very RICH - he has resources. He was living next to a Pakistan military training operation - heck, he could have infiltrated that operation for all we know.

Adam said...

Jimmy Z:

Last night a lot of my messages weren't meant to be taken out of moderation - I was just throwing a lot out as just private messages to you, so I don't mind that you chopped em up ... I will ask you however to not do what PAN did to you and pick and chose what to censor. I really am trying to be very thoughtful and respectful. It's just bothersome when I'm being very sincere and honest to be censored like you do me sometime. Fair enough?

Adam said...

Here's a comment from Darla on Pan
toward the people saying the Bin Laden thing is fake...It's EXACTLY what I was just thinking too.

" I have had heard him say One nation under God and God Bless America before.

So you seriously believe that Our Navy Seals are in on this? So our military troops are out there and they are lying for Obama?

Jimmy ...PLEASE don't give up on those people; Darla seems to still have her reasoning ability still in tact.

Pull em back down to earth man.
How come Dee is calling the shots anyway - Isn't Darla her boss?

Adam said...

You keep saying Bush should have credit on this despite the fact that he said in an interview that Bin Laden was *NOT* a priority. ...I'm really curious what you think Bush did that a democrat wouldn't do? Do you not think we would have gone to war in Afghanistan after 9/11 had a democrat been president? It was an OBVIOUS MOVE . . . So what was so GENIUS about Bush's foreign policy ? WHAT ON EARTH did Iraq have to do with 9/11 ?

Please Jimmy - Show us your endless wisdom on the art of war and how Bush was right? What have we accomplished in Iraq besides killing Saddam that we couldn't have done with a well placed missile strike? What makes Iraq worth the loss of 4,000+ U.S. men and women soldiers in this post 9/11 world?

Christine Gates said...

Jimmy, I don't see any show notes/links at theJimmyZShow website or the links. Am I doing something wrong?

Jz said...

No Christine - I just loaded the mp3 files ahead of the fully prepared page which I am working on now. I just don't want people to have to wait for me to finish the complete page before they can listen.

Adam said...

You never do answer followup questions after throwing huge accusations.

You say the left is against the war on terror - I asked then how come Bush had such huge poll numbers among liberals after he invaded Afghanistan?

Bush's poll numbers only started to largely drop among liberals when he invaded Iraq. So because we are against the war in Iraq we MUST be against the war on terror?
How is that when Iraq didn't attack us and 9/11 wasn't planned or coordinated from Iraq.

I like you man but it's a hard thing liking Jimmy Z when he is such a dishonest shill for conservatism at times.

You are a hard one to figure out Jim. Sometimes you appear to have very strong and good character - other times when you make those unfounded generalizations based on your willful ignorance, you end up looking very weak.

Adam said...

Jimmy's philosophy 101:

Individualism must not exist to you. Nope ; we're all just cogs in a machine ... We are confined to the classification of "liberal" or "conservative" .. If we happen to agree with anything people have defined as belonging to either category , according to you we must agree with everything else that other people have pre-determined for us.
We are responsible for the actions and behavior of everyone else who happen to share the same opinion we've personally come to. So much for personal responsibility, huh?

When do we (humanity) let go of this primitive and unnatural classification system we've shackled ourselves to? Let's truly let personal responsibility and individualism take it's place.

John said...

Good Morning Jim,
I have to say, I agree with your view as outlined in Proverbs. Even if other nations do not treat us the same. We should lead by example.
As far as "Deathers" go, I feel it just shows how the Obama administration has not unified the nation. He has failed to earn trust. I haven't trusted him since I first heard him speak. Maybe because I got a sense of haughtiness from how he spoke. And so far, he has shown me my gut feeling was right.
But our Govt has also played a part in the growing lack of trust. I have a bumper sticker I have on the inside of a truck toolbox that reads "I love my country, it's the Govt I'm afraid of..." We will always have skeptics. On either side.
I like what you wrote above. The left right paradigm is really a misnomer. Maybe a source of division. But it still wont explain the hijacking of the Democrat party by socialist and other factions. And the Republicans have their issues too. Neocons?! RINOS...
Washington has a sever sickness, and Obama seems to be prescribing suicide! Okay.. enough for now.