Friday, April 29, 2011


Obama cuts SF Chronicle reporter from press pool
Gas Roots Activism: The Postie Note Protest

Christiane Amanpour interview with Franklin Graham
Show No. 077-2011

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Opening • Storms and tornadoes in the South • YouTube videos of the Tuscaloosa tornado • Contact and donate to the Red Cross • Audio: John McCain on Libya • John McCain must be working with Obama on Libya •  Audio rewind: John McCain talks about Obama moving to the center • Audio: Trump in Vegas makes some really good points • America looks like a third world country • Dealing with China • Our great ally Israel • Seems to me that Trump is being honest • Trump on taxing Chinese goods • Trump cursing and the audience cheering • On the Royal Wedding and how Americans react to it •  Audio: Mark Steyn for Rush Limbaugh yesterday: The Royal Wedding and American political royalty • Obama flies to Chicago to be on Oprah • Obama banishes San Francisco Chronicle from presidential press pool • Singing protesters interrupt Obama • Audio rewind: Obama on transparency • Protesters are calling for the release of Pvt. Bradley Manning •

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Opening • Music: 'The Days of B. Hussein', by Jimmy Z • Rant: Donald Trump is the guy who shook the tree • Eminent Domain is not good or evil • Gov. Rick Perry of Texas wonders why Obama is not answering his request • Gas Roots Activism: The Postie Note protest campaign • Audio: Joy Behar says asking for Obama's grades is racist • Bob Schieffer confirms the liberal talking point: Asking for Obama's college transcript is racist • Audio: Valerie Jarrett says Obama is not going to release his college records • American Spectator: Liberalism's Death Croak • Audio: Andrew Klavin on the Culture: The liberal argument is 'shut up' • Obama birth certificate: What birthers are still worried about • Audio: Christiane Amanpour interviews Franklin Graham

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WKYC: Red Cross: How to help Alabama's tornado victims
YouTube: Tuscaloosa Tornado, April 27, 2011
YouTube: 4/27/11 - Tuscaloosa tornado
CNN: McCain pushes heavier US involvement in Libya
The Jimmy Z Show: Friday, February 4, 2011
YouTube: Trump uses gutter language in Vegas
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YouTube: Donald Trump speech in Las Vegas Part 2
YouTube: Donald Trump speech in Las Vegas Part 3
Daily Mail UK: Note to Donald: The F word does not make you cool
MSNBC: Obama goes to NYC for money, Chicago for Oprah
San Francisco Chronicle: Obama administration punishes reporter
Fox Nation: Obama fundraiser interrupted by protesters
Yahoo News: Governor says Obama leaving Texas in the dust
Examiner: Gas roots activism: The Postie Note campaign
Facebook: The 'hope and change' sticky note campaign
YouTube: The 'hope and change' stick note campaign
Daily Mail UK: Donald Trump is a racist: Bob Schieffer attacks Apprentice host
Chicago Sun Times: Valerie Jarrett: No college transcript release
American Spectator: Liberalism's Death Croak
SodaHead: If birthers still had questions about Obama's birth certificate
YouTube: ABC News: Christiane Amanpour's interview with Franklin Graham


Adam said...

Just when I think I like you for your honesty you go and do something absolutely beneath you ;

When you played the audio clip of Obama trying to show what he sounds like without a teleprompter (the clip was obviously fake/edited)

Also, you say now that Obama released the long form he FINALLY removed any reasonable doubt... Can you explain what is reasonable about NOT accepting all the Hawaii Officials vouching for his birth there -- or the fact that he released the ONLY certificate that Hawaii issues since 2001! ?!

Seriously man, sometimes I think you're as insane as Jerry the facebook clown.

Adam said...

When Katrina and Haiti natural disasters happened the 700 club and republicans all over the internet claimed it was GODS REVENGE for sins...

Now that the Tornadoes hit the Red States , some leftists are poking back with the same type of (sarcastic) rhetoric and people on anti-patriot action network are acting like this is SO disgusting for the left to be saying this?

Man, The hypocrisy and dishonesty from your side is so thick I have absolutely no clue how an intellectually honest person can wade through it.

Adam said...

Looks like the majority of the conservative base believes the BC is fake. No matter that they are absolutely ignorant as to how .PDF's are created and the fact that the Hawaii Dept of Health is ACTIVELY vouching for this document with links on their site.

How can you ally yourself with a group of such ignorant people? Can you point out ANY TIME IN HISTORY the American left bought into something so false in such huge numbers?

Jz said...

Face it, you aren't going to like everything I do, everything I say. Everyone knows that Obama bit is a montage of 'uhs', it's humor, but it IS from one appearance. One, uh, speech.

Jz said...

That God can and will allow judgment on this land is a Christian concept.

Jz said...

Majority. LOL

Adam said...

Majority LOL?

I'm sorry I'm factually mistaken here. If you want to go pure statistics from the data gleaned from P.A.N. article there (There are hundreds of commentators) - I haven't seen ONE person who isn't suggesting it's fake. So 100% would be a more accurate figure. If you were to go on there and talk REASON suggesting they should wait till a CREDIBLE EXPERT chimes in, you would take that percentage down to 99.5% or so. Then again, I don't think you are really a conservative -- Being able to think clearly and rationally is not a trait I attribute to conservatism in America.

By the way: The same MAJORITY of conservatives (at least on places like P.A.N.) who are saying this is fake also said the other BC Obama released is fake. They have YET to provide 1 single qualified expert to back them up on this. So if you were to go there suggesting they should wait for an expert, you'll be called out for being a liberal/RINO ... Go ahead, test my theory.

Take care man...

Adam said...

You know this whole UH..thing .. I do it too. It's called being human and not wanting to stick foot in mouth, trying to come up with the correct words..

Bush didn't do that --perhaps if he did and was more careful to be thoughtful with what he was saying, we wouldn't have had gems like :

"''Actually, this may sound a little West Texan to you, but I like it when I'm talking about myself, and when he's talking about myself, all of us are talking about me.''
—President George W. Bush, interview on "Hardball", MSNBC, May 31, 2000 "

''I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.''
—Presidential candidate George W. Bush, Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 29, 2000

and countless others:

LOL .. I'm not even one of these liberals who always brings Bush into the equation but surely you see my point on this one.

Adam said...

"That God can and will allow judgment on this land is a Christian concept."

I come from Christian upbringing. Grand father was a southern baptist minister. I got turned off because of things like this...

I don't think God would be so cruel as to CREATE people with the potential for evil and then murder/butcher us for fulfilling the potential that *HE* instilled in us.

Adam said...

One more thought and I'll stop flooding your comments :)

I was thinking last night about this whole "Liberal" and "Conservative" concept that we label each other with. I honestly don't think there is anything different between the conservatives in this country and the liberals - We're all human. People DECIDE to AGREE with certain opinions and they change their mind all the time. People transition from what you would identify as "liberal" to a more "conservative" viewpoint (and visa versa) all the time. People are not INHERENTLY one way or the other; ... I side more with the left on many things but that's simply because I haven't been CONVINCED of the other side ...

That's all it comes down to . Political ideology is not a SET IN STONE THING ... but when people start looking at it like it is and totally ridiculing and bashing the other side - (like liberals are constantly demonized) - people tend to ENTRENCH themselves in their viewpoint simply because they feel unjustly attacked. (I guess I do this myself against conservatives) ...

My point is : Perhaps we should realize that treating people who have different ideas than us as ENEMIES is NOT the way to convince them they are wrong... Advice I should follow more myself.

John said...

The Obomba administration is the most transparent one we have ever known... You can see right through it!
and BTW, Love the toilet sound effects much better than the burping...
And for what it's worth, I take more offense from a leader of our nation lying to me than and bodily function that creates a noise...

Adam said...

Sorry, I fibbed -- One more thing I thought of that validates your criticism of liberals.

You know what you said about "liberal plants" messing with birthers. I found evidence that you might be correct to a small extent ... Was discussing the Long Form issue on Alex Jones youtube channel and some liberal messaged me saying he respected my viewpoints and that he was really on my side despite all crazy things he was saying pretending to be a birther ... I didn't respond back because I HATE dishonesty. --- My CAUSE is not the "LIBERAL" cause - My cause is to find the TRUTH ; I'm sure people who ally themselves with conservatives do things to besmirch the liberals in much the same way: Remember the news in 2008 of the McCain supporter who lied to police saying she was attacked by Obama supporters?

It happens and it's disgusting. One of the reasons I've had a history of distancing myself from conservatives is the dishonesty I see within the movement. I'm sure you can say the same thing about dishonesty among the left.

Adam said...

Anyway, thank you for giving me a voice on here and letting me vent. I take back what I said comparing you to Mr. Facebook Jerry. Jerry wouldn't even have given me a chance to speak -- He would have likely called me a traitor and banned me.

Have a good day.

John said...

Why do we need to see his college grades? He is getting all F's right now!

Jz said...

I have nothing to say on this. I pushed too hard, on purpose, knowing that Dee (an assistant director there) would flip her wig - and she did. Darla finally gave up and I was booted. The relevance of these websites, and their impact for thoughtful conservatism will decrease proportion with their increase in wild eyed birther participants. I have considered warning them again, but how many times should I contact Darla Dawald and warn her? At some point, I have to be moving on - and so that's what I've done. I could use their posts against them. These are maniacs, quite similar to the maniacs on the left that went ape s--t over George W. Bush.

And so it goes. I can't read much on PAN because I cannot respond. It's now officially out of control. I think at one point Ms. Dawald was trying to do something about it, but Dee loves those people. Dee seems to think any crazy comment is better than no comments.

If it were my site, I'd boot the lot of them.

Jz said...

You misunderstand God and creation. Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain it to you.

Jz said...

Adam, John: Thank you for your comments. For the most part Adam your comments are thoughtful today. You must have had a good night's rest. :-)

Jz said...

Adam, Dig this:

I sent this directly to Darla at PAN. I went to YOUR link and found that it was Darla who STARTED that crap with a video. I was writing my email to her and it morphed into a full blown column.

Adam said...

Good article Jimmy; I believe it's all in vain though, I think these people are way too long gone. I sincerely hope you're right about these people not being the majority -

Fox news has come up with a qualified expert who debunks the birthers - showing they are wrong about the BC being fake. Of course Fox News is IN ON the conspiracy and the expert is a liberal plant.

Someone posted a reply suggesting "World intelligence agencies deem the BC to be fake" - Yet they post no source or links to back this up. Not that it matters, this comment had an immediate reply "This closes the matter - Obama needs to be prosecuted"

There is another ongoing PAN discussion where quite a few people are suggesting commies in America should all be executed (By which they mean people like me or anyone who disagrees with them)--> there seems to be general agreement to that among the participants. They are talking about taking pictures of their opponents at rallies for "future use" ...

This voting bloc honestly scares the CRAP out of me. There seems to be a parallel of this type of mindset to that of the people who gave Nazism it's rise to power.
Please tell me I'm wrong.

Adam said...

I'm going to paste part of an article here which examines characteristics of fascist regimes in history.

I'm not suggesting any of this has anything to do with the conservative movement at large .. Though if the type of insane rhetoric exhibited on PAN keeps growing unchecked, this is what I believe it's leading to.

Adam said...

Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each:
1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism - Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.
2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.

Adam said...

Decided against flooding your comments with the rest of the article .. here's a link to it though:

Jz said...

neither of which apply to conservatism.

Adam said...

"neither of which apply to conservatism."

Didn't say that ... Wasn't even trying to imply that. You admit the people on P.A.N. and similar sites are unhinged (which they most clearly are) .. What I posted applies to right wing extremism.

Left wing extremism leads to communism. Right wing extremism leads to fascism.

Adam said...

You received a bitter taste of fascism yourself so you know what I'm talking about. You got shut down on PAN simply for dissenting opinion. People on there are able to suggest open warfare on liberals, violent uprising and constant suggestions of military coups/government overthrow and THEY REMAIN members in good standing. You strongly disagree with them on a single issue and you get censored, barred, banned. You are labeled an enemy for a "thought crime" ... Am I exaggerating? I don't think so.

The GOP realizes the monster THEY HAVE CREATED is hurting them -- Fear mongering and dangerous rhetoric that they've been using to manipulate their base is now coming back to haunt them.

I think the last paragraph you'll probably disagree with -- You'll also point out that rhetoric on the left has pushed these people further away as well <-- to that I'll partially agree ....

Just watch this play out -- You'll see I'm right as time goes on.

Adam said...

The current administration was irresponsible for releasing the report a couple years ago talking about "homegrown right wing terrorism" --> all that did was galvanize and isolate the elements they were *truthfully* referring to. I hope they didn't release that report strictly for political purposes ... Either way I don't think they had devious intentions for calling this out -- after all , it was TRUE. I've seen the extremist chatter myself(I see it every day) and I know damn well the government is aware of a LOT more than you or I could even imagine.

Are we at the point of no return? Can there be a return to sanity?

God I hope so....

Jz said...

Chatter? How about that teacher broad who wrote the death threat email to Walker and the Republicans? The left is more dangerous.

Adam said...

"The relevance of these websites, and their impact for thoughtful conservatism will decrease proportion with their increase in wild eyed birther participants."

I wish you were right about this but I don't see any evidence of it ... I see voices like yours being PUSHED AWAY and MARGINALIZED by the much louder and apparently more numerous extremist. I hope I'm wrong .... If I'm right, then your idea that this stuff is dangerous to conservatism is a vast underestimation. This could end up being VERY dangerous to humanity itself.

I'd like you to prove me wrong here because this stuff worries me to no end. ... I pay attention to online communities but perhaps I'm limiting myself to places where this "extremism" is prevalent and not seeing the broader picture.

Jz said...

I sent this to Darla because you're right you know - 99% of the loonies are still there, and I got bumped for speaking the truth. PAN is an extremist whack job site now - no better than a 9-11 truther site. Lunatic central. I copied your paragraph and wrote the following:

"You received a bitter taste of fascism yourself so you know what I'm talking about. You got shut down on PAN simply for dissenting opinion. People on there are able to suggest open warfare on liberals, violent uprising and constant suggestions of military coups/government overthrow and THEY REMAIN members in good standing. You strongly disagree with them on a single issue and you get censored, barred, banned. You are labeled an enemy for a "thought crime" ... Am I exaggerating? I don't think so."

Darla, He's right you know - I spoke about rational thinking and reasonable analysis of what is going on in America, and Dee hated me for it. Those who post incendiary and right wing hysteria are still able to do so, and now with one less rational voice to temper their rants. Most importantly, if you think about it, I was attacked personally by most of them and not once did I respond in kind - and I was the one Dee had to get rid of.

You have a huge problem now, worse than ever, because rational thinking is not what Dee is fostering. She wants to whip up the froth. Amazing.

Adam said...

"Chatter? How about that teacher broad who wrote the death threat email to Walker and the Republicans? The left is more dangerous."

I'm not trying to disparage conservatism itself with my rant here.

Not sure how you can simplify this into a "left is worse" because of a death threat ... Do you have any idea how many death threats originate from the type of unhinged soul we're talking about on PAN? Do you think the secret service is LYING when it has reported the amount of death threats toward the president is at an all time high?

... Also bud , I kept a CLOSE EYE on the "chatter" during the bush years -- NEVER did I see calls for "armed uprising," "military coups" and the like at ALL like I'm seeing now ...

Whatever though; Honestly not trying to get into a left vs right bickering match ;) I'll give this a rest tonight ... Goodnight dude.

Jz said...

FYI: The news that bin Laden is dead confirms Bush was right, and that the left, who was furious with Obama for continuing Bush's war, and Bush's agenda, was completely wrong. Obama was smart to continue with Bush's plan. :-)

Adam said...

I vehemently disagree. Iraq did not make us safer. If Bush had devoted the resources he spent on Iraq to Afghanistan/Pakistan in the first place, this would have happened a LONG time ago and been a BUSH victory. As it stands , It's an Obama victory.

Bush NEVER devoted the kind of attention to Afghanistan that Obama did. If anything, I'll give you this: Obama saw how the Bush surge worked in Iraq and applied the same principles to Afghanistan which is what led to this victory.

Anyway, that's my "liberal" take on it ;) ...

Adam said...

Go ahead and leave my Bin Laden comments in moderation. . They're off topic I know .. I'm just giddy right now.
.. Obama is MY Guy after all and I believe for DAMN good reason.

Not trying to be an ass but I'm going to rub it in a little ;)

Someone elses appropriate comment on this:
"Well played President Obama, you did in 2 years what the GOP could not do in 8. Game, set match! You can now hang the "Mission Accomplished" banner and it will not just be for a photo op"

... This has been has been the best week for any president in my life time .. First, the birth certificate was a WIN for Obama .. Now this "death certificate" is a win of historical proportions...


I don't believe in extreme nationalism on a daily basis, wrapping yourself in the flag all the time -- On special occasions however, USA USA USA ! It is definitely appropriate.

Have a good night Jimmy ...I know I will.

Jz said...

Adam, since when do you people celebrate the military? LOL Hypocrite! This was Bush's plan, and Obama is taking credit for it. He waited 65 minutes to show up and speak while they made his comments more 'poignant' and they rounded up some GWU students to 'spontaneously' combust. All orchestrated. If this were Bush the same students would be calling this murder. Obama flubbed it all - he had a great opportunity to be thoughtful and smart and instead he orchestrated bullshit.

Typical. God has no part of your agenda. Do not call His name into this.

Jz said...

Adam wrote another slew of comments - I will offer up a tidbit from each. The silliness was too intense for me to post all the comments Adam. I'm going to ask you to bring your comments down to size and instead of posting six (!), post about one. Here's some of his bits, pertaining to my last comment above:

"I HAVE ALWAYS celebrated our military and applauded just wars. I was happy about the Afghanistan surge."

"I believe in God I just don't think he's a cruel judgmental murderer like you do."

"So you tell me how his speech was FLUBBED ?? I think he was VERY appropriate and thoughtful."


"When Bush was in Afghanistan and not diverting his attention to Iraq, his Poll numbers were SUPER HIGH."

"Stop being ignorant ... Grow up man, seriously."

"One of my biggest pet peeves is dishonesty and disingenuousness, of which I think you're being a bit of both."

Liberals love the military now, and thank God that the military they love killed Osama bin Laden. Wow, that's impressive. But it's not true. Liberals do not appreciate anything about God, they do not appreciate the military and they wanted Obama the Commander in Chief to get the military OUT of the Middle East. That's all. Now they're celebrating a military operation? Hogwash. This is ALL about providing Obama with a much needed military victory for his resume. That's it.

Adam said...

I do like you Jim bob. I don't agree with many of your political positions but I have learned things from you. I like how you keep an even temperament even when provoked. That's a trait I would do well to learn from.

Adam said...

By the way , my left leaning democrat family helped save this country and save your ass. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW2.

They could not stand the corporate / bankster shills that was and is the GOP.

John said...

Amazing how fast the Libs have "flip-flopped" on the war on terror...

Adam said...

"Amazing how fast the Libs have "flip-flopped" on the war on terror..."

John, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could explain to me how people on the left have flip flopped on the war on terror. Please explain what IRAQ had to do with the war on terror? We were totally on board and supported the Afghanistan invasion. You lost us when you side tracked us on the country that didn't have anything to do with 9/11 ....