Wednesday, April 27, 2011


And now Birthers really are dangerous to conservatism
Jerry the Birther crackpot loses it on Facebook

I told you not to make this the most important issue
Show No. 075-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Obama releases his long form birth certificate • Birthers who continue the birth certificate issue will damage the conservative movement • Audio: Rush Limbaugh's opening comments on the long form birth certificate • Jerome Corsi's book 'Where's The Birth Certificate?' just came out • The next birther issue: Where were Obama's parents born? • Rant: Anything further on Obama's birth works against us • Birthers who have blogs, Facebook pages and websites will continue the conspiracy • Jimmy Z was a 'birther' for about six months • Realizing that the eligibility issue would not force Obama out of office • Some of these folks have invested (wasted) three years on the birther issue • Reading: Erick Erickson on Trump and Obama's birth certificate • Donald Trump might be damaged by Obama releasing the document • Paul Ryan, John Boehner and other Republicans have been saying on television that Obama is a citizen • If you defy birthers they call you RINO • Reading: Jerry the Birther goes nuts, calls Jimmy Z a liberal plant • Obama is still not eligible • Warning facebook conservatives to block Jimmy Z • Jimmy Z the liberal poser • Jimmy Lefty Z • This kind of internet behavior is not good for conservatism • Great example of Birthers not dropping the issue • Invitation to debate • Audio: Breaking down Obama's birth certificate announcement • Bemused and puzzled • Important issues kept him from releasing the certificate before • Sidebar: Obama wants to end tax cuts for oil companies •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Jimmy Z kicked off of the Birther thread on Facebook • Jimmy Z song montage • What will birthers do without the birth certificate issue? • Obama is going to be the president until January 20, 2013 • The Market Ticker analysis: Blogger determines that the birth certificate is fraudulent • Comments at Free Republic • The Birther Chant: Obama wasn't born here • Market Ticker analysis finally loads, reading some of the descriptions • The White House would not release a document that any bonehead could prove to be fake • Audio: Breaking down the rest of Obama's birth certificate announcement • Two things conservatives must focus on: Stopping Obama's agenda & focus on getting the best GOP nominee possible • Audio: Trump very proud of his achievement • Jimmy Z finally blocks Jerry • Crazy people all over and some of them are conservatives • Audio: Trump says Obama should release his college records now • Truth: Trump says the press is very protective of Obama • Audio: Youtube schmo shows how he proved the birth certificate is a fake • The White House knows that everyone is going to be going over this document with a fine tooth comb • Adam calls in but the call is private • Comments on Adam's phone call while I listen in headphones • Some birthers wouldn't believe it if they went back in time and watched the birth • Rant: I told you not to make this the most important issue • Audio: Breaking down what the women on The View said about the birth certificate • The two documents are not the same • Joy Behar: The college records issue is racist •

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John said...

I watched a very good segment of Glenn Beck yesterday that IMHO really reinforces your point about the BC issue being a distraction. One that I have been in agreement with in not just this, but many other things. Slight of hand?!
I will email the link for the youtube.
RINO?! Well I have to admit, I am a RINO by the definitions that your... kooks? have claimed.
I am registered (I)independent.
I became politically active when Ross Perot came on the scene in ..92? I had no idea what was what. I only knew that I had my fill of the SOS! Fooled once! I may have been fooled again, but not from a lack of research. I am a CONSERVATIVE!
And for the record, if Jimmy Z is a RINIO, he sure goes to a lot of trouble to play the part of an "Agent Provocateur"...
I agree with you Jim... We don't need a bunch of kooky people giving the liberal kooks anymore cannon fodder! As far as that goes, who's to say your accusers aren't RINO liberal plants?
The real issues to focus on are Gas, wars, our southern border to name a few!!! And maybe more important, who to elect to get our nation back on the RIGHT course.

John said...

Another point I forgot to make was about how people hate to let issues they feel important die...
The Chemtrail issue here in Germany has come to an end.. for the most part. all but the diehards...
Have you heard any news on this in the US?

John said...

OK.. now we have a "schmo?" on youtube..
I say, why not? Everything else about Obama has been an absolute display of Incompetence!
So it is conceivable that he had an incompetent graphic artist do this document...
But, lets let real detectives solve the mystery. Scooby doo and the gang?