Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sarah Palin's Wisconsin speech: Her best since 2008
Who believes Obama really wants to cut the deficit?

Shocking and insane 'chem-trails' comedy
Show No. 070-2011

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Opening • Obama in full campaign and fund raising mode again • Audio: Obama's opening comments at his Virginia Community College Town Hall meeting • Obama still blaming Bush for the deficit he added trillions to • Why Obama speaks to college students so often • Protecting union workers with federal money • The importance of cutting the deficit • Jimmy Z's four truths about Democrats • Obama's spending is not creating jobs • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on the Obama Town Hall in VA • Obama likes talking to students who don't know what it's like to make a living • Obama paid 26% of his income in 2010, but his tax rate is 35% • Rant: Why isn't Obama setting an example and paying more taxes? • Michael Stollaire email comment: Did Reagan complain about the mess Carter left? • Reading: The Candid Conservative Commentary: Conservophobia • Chem Trails: Yes, these people are serious • These people believe chemicals are being dropped by the government onto people • 'Time to form an international team of resistance' • Neighbor hears the chemtrail story, looks odd and goes back inside • Poison is being dumped on Americans • 'Take a match and some gasoline and burn every plane that is being used against us' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'Lost The Election', song parody by Jimmy Z • Bill Handel on KFI says that illegal immigrants don't get welfare • The New American article shows that they do get welfare - and lots of it • Audio: Breaking down Sarah Palin's truly excellent speech in Wisconsin • Union pandering • The line in the sand • The lesson to learn is to take on the GOP establishment • 'We didn't elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic' • Classic line: Learn to fight like a girl • Palin's speech reminds me of a song we wrote • Music: 'Ride On The Wave', Jimmy Z • Stunning, blistering: Palin focuses on Obama and flays him and his policies • Rant: Conservatives who are working, taking care of their families, paying the bills and not watching over the government • Palin on green energy • America needs oil yet the US provides more loans to South America for oil • Palin speech conclusion • Rant: Obama does not care how high the price of gasoline gets •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Obama Town Hall on America's fiscal future
Rush Limbaugh: Obama spews idiocy to students in rambling town hall appearance
Huffington Post: Obamas pay $453,770 in taxes on $1.728 million in income
Bankrate: 2010 Tax Brackets
Podomatic: The Candid Conservative
Facebook: Derrick's photos: Massive Chemtrail attack in western Colorado
The Jimmy Z Show: Derrick's photo of the chemtrail 'attack'
KFI AM 640: Bill Handel on demand
The New American: Illegal aliens get more welfare benefits than citizens
YouTube: Sarah Palin's Wisconsin rally speech, 4/16/11
Fox News: US loan to Brazilian oil company riles conservatives (2009)
CNS News: US Govt agency plans $2.84 billion loan for oil refinery in Colombia
Patriot Action Network: Obama praises Brazilian oil industry while he blocks drilling at home
Washington Times: Editorial: Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow
YouTube: Ride On The Wave - Jimmy Z


Adam said...

"Never mind that there are no scientists who agree that there are chemtrails"

SINCE when did conservatives EVER pay attention to scientists?
(Global Warming, Evolution, etc)

Adam said...

"No wonder Obama is president, there are crazy people out there. "(regarding the chemtrail paranoia)

Jimmy, I absolutely appreciate your attempt to call out the dishonest and the insane on this. However.........

I hate to break it to you, these people are generally RIGHT WING. Go do a poll of people who are into this CHEMTRAIL stuff and you'll see it's mostly the anti-obama far right wingnut crowd.
You don't see these discussions popping up and taken seriously on liberal blogs yet if you follow the birther / anti-obama / conservative blogosphere - this type of (government is killing us) paranoia is MAINSTREAM!

It's getting to the point where people like you who still have their feet on the ground are being called out for being LIBERAL/ENEMY for even pointing the truth out to these people.

People like this are going to destroy the republican party and give Obama the re-election. Then and only then can you credit them for Obama. It's coming. Heck, most of your party is willing to elect a LIBERAL (Trump) over a PHONY AND DEBUNKED "birther" issue. Trump's a smart opportunist and is cashing in on the ignorance of these people -- I'd bet heavily that he'll end up getting called out and crushed by "true conservatives" for his liberal past. So in response he'll try to get his money's worth by staying in the picture running as independent.

Jz said...

Science has been tainted by politics, and Obama is proof that the crazier people are on the left. And that's pretty much it.

Adam said...

You still have a notion that my side is crazier?

Your side is willing to elect a *hardcore LIBERAL* (who otherwise is against
most of their conservative interests)
just because they support him for promoting an issue that's not even credible!! YES. The entire ELECTORATE of the party you claim allegiance to seems to be THAT IGNORANT AND GULLIBLE, according to recent polls.

Jz said...

"You still have a notion that my side is crazier?"

By definition.

Adam said...

If it weren't for the fact that Trump is so DISHONEST I would even like the guy - might even be a good president and drag the Republican party away from the far right that is so crippling it.

BTW , Trump doesn't really believe the birther non-sense he's pushing -- When questioned early on about the many facts that contradict his stance , he replied that "He wasn't aware and/or hadn't looked into it" ... That's the give-away - Someone as smart as trump isn't going to base his entire reputation on an issue and not even look at both sides to it -- Unless he's getting something out of it and using it for political gain only.

Jz said...

"Someone as smart as trump isn't going to base his entire reputation on an issue and not even look at both sides to it..."

Exactly. He doesn't need this issue - the issue may need him. The fact is, you can argue about Trump all day long. It's not about Trump. Where. Is. The. Birth. Certificate?

John said...

Obama speaking to students about " we can't let roads and bridges get congested..."
Doesn't that go against the "green" movement?
Chemtrails... For me, the jury is still out on this issue. It doesn't make sense to me, because those doing this, would have to breath the same air! On the other hand, I see days where they are more prevalent than others... But I would lean towards common sense...

Adam said...

I think I messed up on last message, not sure -- it reported error when I tried to send...

Anyway -- the gist of it is: The birth certificate that Obama released (and was verified) is all that he needs. We can repeat that very simple truth a million times and your side will never accept it. It's your problem and it will be the key to conservative's undoing in America, mark my words.
Your credibility is already faltering - this will utterly wipe it out.

Jz said...

You mean the Certificate of Live Birth - that's NOT a birth certificate, and now since we know more about that document, it could be that it's not revealing enough. You can carry on about it all you like, but all Trump is saying is - it's not a birth certificate, show us the real birth certificate. Credibility increases when someone of Trump's stature gets it. All of a sudden, you have birth certificate chatter on The View, Today, Nightline -- where there was none before. It's easy for any American to do. We have to wonder why the Bamster is so reluctant.


Adam said...

Actually you are VERY wrong. The COLB is the only type of birth certificate Hawaii releases anymore. The full faith and credit clause of the constitution of the UNITED STATES **ENSURES** that their form of identification/birth certificate is JUST AS VALID as any other states birth certificate.

Do you know anything about the full faith and credit clause?

Seriously man, I thought you were smart. We've been over this yet you keep dodging this VERY SIMPLE TRUTH.

Adam said...

Full faith and credit clause of the constitution means YES IT IS AS VALID as a long form.

Go look it up and stop talking out of your ass man. You already look uninformed on this issue, you are just ruining your credibility.

Jz said...

No Adam, I'm not very wrong, or any wrong. Whatever Hawaii 'releases' for public consumption is not the issue at all. Please stay on point.

The bottom line is that the COLB is the short form, and everyone has a long form birth certificate somewhere. We wonder just why it is that Obama is hiding his.

Jz said...

Ah, now I have an Obama supporter/defender questioning my credibility. The irony is thick as fog.

Adam said...

"Ah, now I have an Obama supporter/defender questioning my credibility. The irony is thick as fog."

Oh, I guess Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and John Boener and Greta Van Sustren and Ann Coulter and so many other conservatives who are on the SAME SIDE OF THIS BC ISSUE AS I AM are Obama supporters as well?

ignorant comment jz.

Jz said...

There are no sides to the issue. The facts are, Obama has not released his long form birth certificate and Obama should release it.

Adam said...

"There are no sides to the issue. The facts are, Obama has not released his long form birth certificate and Obama should release it."

Why should he? The COLB includes all the information needed to ascertain whether he's eligible or not.

What does Doctor signature, hospital of birth, etc have to do with the constitutional requirements to be president?

And no, don't give me this lie that foreign born children can get birth certificates there. That may be true - but their birth certificates will NOT list state of birth as being in Hawaii .. This rumor has long been debunked.

I don't need to argue with you though; You can't convince stupid. You'd have as much luck convincing the ignorant chemtrail people that they are wrong as you birthers. Crazy can't be fixed.

Jz said...

Wrong again - doubt is cast because of the many COLBs that were issued to babies who were born OUTSIDE OF THE US. So he does need to close this issue, if he can.

And now you're just guessing - many babies at the time had been born elsewhere and were given a Hawaiian cert of live birth showing Hawaii as the birth place.

You are ignorant on this subject, or lying.

Adam said...

"And now you're just guessing - many babies at the time had been born elsewhere and were given a Hawaiian cert of live birth showing Hawaii as the birth place. "

You are lying Jimmy. I have done COUNTLESS hours of research on this. I have even talked to Hawaii health department and also seen birth certificates of foreign born children. IT DOES *NOT* list Hawaii as state of birth. It lists their country of origin on the certificate. You have just proven yourself to be a pathological LIAR Jimmy, no better than any other conservative I have come across.

Screw it though, no need to argue with you. You are set in your beliefs. I'm going to LOVE watching conservatives continue to EAT THEIR OWN over this issue.

I'll come back and talk to you next year about this issue and show you how STUPID you were and how RIGHT I am.

Until then, have a good life Jim.

Jz said...

Countless is right.