Thursday, April 21, 2011


Breaking down Obama's Facebook town hall
Trump on NBC's Today, Palin with Sean Hannity

Facebook's Zuckerberg is 'cool' with higher taxes
Show No. 071-2011

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Opening • Antonio Villaraigosa in LA proposes 26 and 36 unpaid furlough days for city workers • Unions now focus on government workers • Jimmy Z tells all: My union job with local government • Stories of lazy, unproductive workers in county government • Larry contacted a civil rights lawyer • Break time • Attempted professional courtesy: Two-week notice • The letter I sent and when it was received • List of California state agencies at Wikipedia • Rant: Everyone who works for city government, county government, 50 state governments and the federal government is paid with taxpayer money • Audio: Trump on the Today show • Upcoming: Jimmy Z reading Sarah Palin's speech • Audio: Obama's Facebook town hall •

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Opening • Audio: Michael Youssef's blessing over our country • Music: 'Don't Take No Jive', Jimmy Z with Michael Stollaire • Audio: Breaking down Obama's Facebook town hall • Obama has nothing he would have done differently • Instead, Obama talks Obamacare • Obama changes the question • Obama says Americans were upset because passing Obamacare 'took so long' • Rant: Democrats knew they had one chance to get Obamacare through • Mark Zuckerberg is 'cool' with higher taxes • You know Zuckerberg is saving every tax dollar he can • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Robert on Obama's deficit • Ray on the New York serial killer • Donna on The Junior Factor show last Monday • Audio: Sarah Palin with Hannity on Obama, Trump, the deficit and the Republican party • Rant: Palin isn't as 'unconventional' as she says she is • Why is the media giving so much time to Trump's birth certificate question? •


Anonymous said...

Union Work: Being told to do less, to get more, so your supervisor doesn't look bad. Hmmm... this is not the American Dream. This is the American Nightmare: The birth of the Nanny State, and Statist garbage.

Adam said...

Please answer my question:

Why do you keep lying saying that the Hawaii BC is not as good as a mythical long form? People can get a passport with the Hawaii COLB. People can get a drivers license with it. If any state turns them down saying their BC isn't good enough, they can take that state to court for violating the full faith and credit clause.

Seriously man, why for the love of god are you lying about this? Are all conservatives this dishonest?

Jz said...

I don't think I've ever said it's 'not as good'. I've said what I've said very clearly because I speak carefully and I mean what I say. There are two documents in Hawaii. We've only seen what amounts to being the 'short form'. Whether it's acceptable as identification is up to a court to decide. Once the court has all the info it needs, including that there were many babies born outside of the US at that time who were given COLBs (fact), the court can decide if the COLB is acceptable. Knowing the facts, I do not think it is. But in any case, calling the long form 'mythical' is crazy talk. There IS a long form birth certificate. Most people do not hide theirs.

Passports? Whoopie. Driver's licenses? Hell many states hand them out to illegals so that's no big whoop.

Now, try to explain why Obama is not reveal his long form birth certificate - and do so without being a knucklehead.

Adam said...

Hawaii doesn't release LONG FORMs any more, that's why. Even Terry Lakin tried to get one for his daughter who was born there but he was denied because THEY DON'T RELEASE them.

Even if Obama DID have a long form, he is not legally obligated to release it. WHY SHOULD HE? Birthers are destroying the conservative party. Conservatives are DIVIDED over this issue -- When a conservative upholds the constitution like Jan Brewer did in Arizona vetoing the bill, conservatives all across the nation are throwing her under the bus along with anyone who refuses to enter the birther black hole.

This is a win win situation for democrats. The conservatives are self destructing over this issue -- Yes Obama, PLEASE don't release another scratch of paper.

If Trump were to win the election over this BC issue, LIBERALS STILL WIN! It's a no-loss situation. Trump is just as liberal as us on the issues that count!

Jz said...

Last time: What they do 'anymore' isn't relevant. That doesn't mean they don't keep the records, and of course the state produces full information on a birth certificate. That's just crazy talk.

And I doubt anyone cares WHY Obama feels he is not obligated. If the long form certificate didn't damage him somehow, he'd produce it. What wouldn't he? lol

Jz said...

Trump's pro life view and anti-Obamacare view is pretty liberal there isn't it. ROTFL

Adam said...

How could the long form damage him .. It's already been proven that the Hawaii Longform DOES NOT list religion on it.

I've already seen the majority of birthers say that if he releases a long form it'll be FAKE -- They won't believe it anyway. They tried to tell everyone the COLB was fake without any evidence to back their accusations up.

This issue is helping Obama too much besides. There are still conservatives who want to remain CREDIBLE so they are having to admit that this is a NON-ISSUE (which it is) which is dividing the conservatives down the center.

This is a political goldmine for democrats. We WANT you to keep pushing this issue so we can keep smoking out the CRAZIES among your side.

Hell, half the conservatives are now HATING Glenn Beck because he is sticking with TRUTH on this one.

It's been an awesome show so far - We WANT to divide and conquer conservatives and this issue is PERFECT for doing so. Why would Obama want that to go away?

Adam said...

Trump Pro Life View? LOL HAHAHAHA Is that what he's telling you these days ? I hate to break it to you but the man has ONLY donated to Pro-Choice candidates in the past. He has also openly supported health care overhauls.

2010 (your big come back year) trump donated to the OPPONENTS of Tea Party candidates. Yeah, sounds like he's really pro-life anti-obamacare LOL LOL . He's really on your side. (wink wink)

This is absolutely hilarious watching the most gullible electorate (American Conservatives) in the world get SNOOKERED in such an obvious manor.

Jz said...

You don't ask new questions, you just regurgitate the same ones. Apparently the long form WOULD damage him, because (duh) he's hiding it. Something is there that he does not want Americans to see.

A fake certificate will be disproved by experts - a real one confirmed by experts.

Obama is not being helped by this at all - the growth in number of Americans who want to get to the bottom of this is impressive. Trump has done much to start this rolling. As I said, The Today Show, Nightline and Good Morning America are all addressing it. Even Chris Matthews asked, "why doesn't he just show it?" The shift in attention is clear, and Obama is on the negative end of it.

This is bad for Obama, and bad for Democrats. You froth and you wail and you bitch, but you cannot concoct a single logical reason for HIDING a birth certificate! LOL

The truth? You can't handle the truth.

Adam said...

This is helping Obama.

It WOULD damage him to release the longform because it would make the birther crazy talk die down. WE WANT to expose conservatives for the GULLIBLE , IGNORANT and PETTY people that they are. WE WANT conservative to TURN ON fellow conservative like all the birthers who are turning on Glenn Beck / Jan Brewer /etc over this.

Show me how this is hurting Obama's re-election chances? He's still showing STRONG STRONG numbers. Birthers couldn't stop him from getting elected in 2008 and if anything, they are going to HELP HIM GET RE-ELECTED because the conservative party is becoming SO DIVIDED over this.

Jz said...

Talk about a one note song. All the hours I put into this show ridiculing that piece of crap stinking up the White House and this is the one you focus on? Get some better material or I'm not going to post your screeds anymore.

Adam said...

The only pieces of crap in this country are the numerous conservatives like you who spend all their time LYING ABOUT THE PRESIDENT. LYING about the CONSTITUTION and making a mockery of our country.

You people are absolutely EVIL (people who lie as much as you do are EVIL in my book) and are a CANCER to this country.

Adam said...

"Talk about a one note song."

It's not my fault birthers have made their primary issue with Obama this. This is conservatives MAIN ISSUE - it's the only thing that keeps popping back and it's GREAT because it's destroying what little credibility republicans/conservatives had left after Bush.


Jz said...

Meaningless, pointless ad hom. Please cough up something better than these hairballs.

Jz said...

While you're claiming this is the only issue, we beat your asses in Wisconsin despite your best flash mob efforts. Trump is talking about 3 or 4 big issues - not at all just the Birth Cert stuff (which you cannot defend), and yet all you talk about is the birth certificate. I think you're the one who's worried. It's good to be on offense. $5 gas is going to sink that president of yours.

So get to some of the many issues at hand that I've covered on my show. I made a mockery of that loser in the White House over the past few days and I'm not done yet. Anymore of your drivel on the birth cert issue will be dismissed.

Adam said...

"$5 gas is going to sink that president of yours."

You didn't seem to bitch too much when YOUR president caused such high gas prices.

I remember driving cross country a few years ago. Gas was 4.50 - 5.00 a gal. Oh yeah, Obama wasn't president yet at that time.

Ignorant conservative.

Adam said...

"Anymore of your drivel on the birth cert issue will be dismissed."

Of course It'll be censored. Every time I bring it up I expose you for being the lying piece of shit that you are.

Jz said...

Bush did whatever he had to do to bring it back down - Obama is not willing to do that, he LIKES that $5 and $6 gas, it fits his AGENDA. Gas has ONLY gone up under Obama. It's going to screw up in his sphincter.

Jz said...

Not true you big baby. You just repeat yourself, "Hawaii ain't dun had doze birf certifacuts theez dayas!" That's just stupid. No more wasting time like this. Move on, try to defend Obama's policies.

Adam said...

Let's just face it. This country is divided beyond repair. I absolutely find disgust people like you. You feel the same about people like me.

In a better world I could actually be friends with someone like you (you have some good qualities) but we don't live in a good world any more. We have nothing but disrespect for each other and that's only going to get worse.

It's all a bunch of BS, this country is not even worth "saving" if half the people are just going to blame all the problems on the other half and never accept responsibility for their own faults. The divisiveness and ugliness will continue to get worse over the years till we finally destroy each other.

Adam said...

I'll just stop commenting if you are going to censor issues you disagree with. You can just go back to having maybe 1 comment a week from John on your irrelevant and unpopular website/radio show.

Jz said...

You libs are always so emotional about it because you can't support your agenda - socialism - with our constitution. You're just wrong. Read the constitution again. If you want socialism there are plenty of countries better suited for you.

Jz said...

You can do whatever you like. I never censor. But if all you do is complain about the same topic, you're boring. There's plenty to talk about - probably 60 or more links this week and my accompanying commentary. So if all you can do is carry on about the birth certificate, one of many things I have talked about, then maybe my comment page isn't for you.

Adam said...

"You libs are always so emotional about it because you can't support your agenda - socialism - with our constitution. You're just wrong. Read the constitution again. If you want socialism there are plenty of countries better suited for you."

Not emotional at all ... I promise this country will be FINE for my ideal government/political choices.
I was born here and I promise you I'm going to stay and vote in any ideology I see FIT.

Don't like it? You have a perfect platform here to cry about it all you want.

This country was CREATED by over throwing other legitimate institutions. If we have to over throw some chains that hold our agenda down, then by god we'll get it done. There's not a damn thing short of killing us that you can do to stop this inevitability.

John said...

Wow.. Had to wade through 22 posts on the stupid BC shenanigan..
I had to pause the program about unionized Govt workers. I recall the stories my mom told me about her experiences working with Duval county. And of course I can imagine anyone in the US has had similar encounters with govt employees too.
Go to any city hall in the US and there will be countless inefficiencies!
So if we take yours and all that there are in the nation, can we see that countless tax dollars are pissed away? This is a very sore subject with me. I see no reason why these jobs can not be made competitive by contracting it all out!
Competition always cost less. But unions hate this...

Jz said...

"Not emotional at all ... "

ROTFL any review of your posts here can counter that.

"If we have to over throw some chains [The Constitution, clearly] that hold our agenda down, then by god we'll get it done."

The Constitution will stop you. Duh.

"There's not a damn thing short of killing us that you can do to stop this inevitability."

Some of you may kill yourself before this is over, because you won't like the way things go for the Constitutional conservatives.

Now, start rebutting another issue, or go away. It's that simple, 'Adam',

Jz said...

More typical vile leftwingerism:

Jz said...

Reagan changed his mind on abortion - I am more than willing to give Trump a chance to change his as well.

John said...

Hey Adam, would you mind telling me why you against freedom?
Really, I'm not trying to be antagonistic, just would like to try and understand your reasoning.
Maybe call the shows number and gives us your story. If you like, I will do the same...