Thursday, April 7, 2011


Trump on Today: I hate what's happening to America
Corrine Brown's exclusive boutique shopping trip
for black congresswomen

Glenn Beck to leave Fox News Channel
Show No. 061-2011

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Opening • Show overview • Audio: Rep. Corrine Brown talks 'Gatas' on the House floor • Hippity Hop: 'The Jimmy Z Show Don't Take No Jive' • Latest: Corrine Brown's exclusive boutique shopping trip for Congressional Black Caucus women • The Government Shutdown • Audio: News stories on the government shutdown • Military pay may cease during shut down but not Congress's pay? • Audio: Donald Trump on The Today Show • A terrible presidency • Libya • The birth certificate issue • This might be the biggest scam ever • Spending and the destruction of freedom • The world does not respect the country • Obama got a great job getting elected • Obamacare is a total disaster • Rant: Could it be that Jimmy Z is wrong about the birth certificate issue? •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Michael Youssef's blessing over America • The reason I pulled my show from Ghostfighter radio • Closed minds in chat rooms • Moderators have an important responsibility to enforce rules fairly • Unpredictable show starting times • Conspiracy theory believers • Why Beck was let go • Glenn Beck leaving Fox News: Sure looks like falling ratings to your host • Beck will still be producing programming for Fox • Phone calls to the Jimmy Z Comment Line • Abortion protesters & Planned Parenthood • Democrats, the government shut down and Congressional stalemate • Police shoot armed man in Los Angeles • Donald Trump, China & Walmart • Obama and who declares war in America • Sharia Law and loans in America • Story from August, 2010: School football coach fired for writing and sending out his anti-Obama song

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1 comment:

John said...

As I stated in my last comment, I am from Jacksonville Florida. And I am a die hard Florida fan!(Gators)
This POC represents me in congress...
She did not receive my vote. But the way the district lines are drawn, she will be hard to eject.
As much as I like the Gators, I feel she did a disservice to them...
Florida's version of Sheila Jackson Lee. uggggggggggggggh!