Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Obama Energy Agenda: Higher costs for America
We should have been drilling our own oil years ago

Gasoline prices more than double under Obama
Show No. 060-2011

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Opening • Audio: Hannity's interview from Monday with Pastor Terry Jones about burning the Quran • Comments on YouTube, angry with Hannity • Audio bytes: Obama's 2012 campaign announcement video dissected • Audio: Parody of Obama campaign announcement video • The Politico points out that the parody video is more watched than the real video • Jimmy Z Chart: Gasoline prices during the Obama administration • Audio: Breaking down the Obama energy policy speech at Georgetown • Obama shouts out LA Mayor Antonio Villaragosa • College basketball brackets (no kidding) • The cost of gas prices • Laughing at the idea of 'drill baby drill' • Obama does not care how much you pay for gasoline • Gasoline prices trend and how to affect them downward • For Obama, dependence on foreign oil is the same as dependence on any oil •

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Opening • Music: 'He Lies', by Jimmy Z • More of Obama's speech at Georgetown • To have energy independence, we really have to drill our own oil • What it costs for gasoline in my car • Obama says oil will run out, and is too expensive to drill from the ground • Obama: In ten years we will have cut oil use by one third • The US will still have to import oil for some time • Note: Obama talks about enforcing his energy policy, not implementing • Fox News story from 2009: US loans money to Brazil for offshore oil drilling there • Rant: Does anyone believe that Obama or his administration intends for the US get drill its own oil? • IS OBAMA'S ENERGY POLICY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIGHER GAS PRICES? • Energy Czar, Steven Chu in 2008 called for tripled gas prices to wean Americans off of gasoline • Audio: Steven Chu on Fox News Sunday in March, Chu reaffirms his policy • Rant: Travel via gasoline vs. electric battery • Prices of new electric vehicles • Audio: Obama's weekly address: Energy and gasoline • Obama's green policy for federal vehicles and private sector fleets • Gasoline prices up 100% during the Obama Presidency • Rasmussen: Obama approval still up at 48% •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Hannity interviews Dr. Terry Jones, pastor who burned the Quran
Orlando Sentinel: Pastor Terry Jones inspires fear, sadness among local Muslims
YouTube: Barack Obama campaign launch video: 'It begins with us'
YouTube: President Barack Obama's first ad of 2012 (parody)
The Politico: Parody gets more views than real Obama launch
YouTube: America's Energy Security: Obama at Georgetown
The Jimmy Z Show: Gas Prices chart during the Obama adminstration
Fox News: US loan to Brazilian oil company riles conservatives (2009)
All American Blogger: Obama's energy secretary wants gasoline prices higher
Opposing Views: Energy Secretary Steven Chu embraces high gas prices
YouTube: Secretary Steven Chu on Fox News Sunday
YouTube: Weekly Address: Obama on gas prices and energy security
ABC News: Obama asks how green can brown be?
Detroit News: Presidential limousine, security vehicles exempt from federal policy
Washington Times: Gasoline up 100% under Obama
Rasmussen: Obama approval index history

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