Monday, April 25, 2011


Obama 'transparency' order targets political enemies
BOEING: Obama's NLRB tells Boeing where to build

Breaking down Obama's weekend address
Show No. 073-2011

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Opening • I am in a foul mood • City of Santa Ana will challenge 2010 Census because illegals were not counted • Senator Chuck Schumer's  S 679 attempt to circumvent Article II  of the Constitution • Heritage Foundation on Article II • ATS screener charged with distributing child pornography • The white woman beaten in a Maryland McDonald's was a transgender • Audio: Commentary on the transgender beating at McDonald's • Drinking With Bob commentaries: Donald Trump, Obama's delusion & LeBron James • Rant: The NBA is not enslaving black players • Obama's attempt to force disclosure via executive order • Obama wants to know who his enemies are in the private sector

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Opening • Music:  'He Lies' by Jimmy Z • Jimmy Z Rock Block: 'Out Of Action' by Jimmy Z (lyrics by John) • 'My Sharia' first draft by Jimmy Z • Audio: GOP 2012 candidate Gary Johnson says he's in favor of homosexual unions • Audio: Breaking down Obama's weekend address on gasoline and green energy • Drill baby drill • Green energy that's not viable now • How does buying a new car save money? • Innovation is not the government's job • Obama 'scouring for savings' from the budget • Audio: Charles Krauthammer on crazy liberals protesting angrily • Detroit library spends $1,100 each on chairs • OBAMA'S UNION THUGS TELL BOEING WHERE THEY CAN AND CANNOT BUILD AIRPLANES

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Mercury News: Some SoCal cities may challenge census figures
The New American: Obama and Senate re-writing Article II
Heritage Foundation: Speed up presidential appointments, but do not pass S679 Airport passenger screener charged in distribution of child pornorgraphy
My Fox DC: Transgender woman attacked in Baltimore McDonald's speaks out
YouTube: McDonald's beat down (WARNING: Adult language)
YouTube: Drinking With Bob channel
YouTube: Drinking With Bob: Donald Trump for President
YouTube: Obama is delusional
YouTube: Lebron James, Who freaking cares?!
Washington Examiner: Obama 'transparency' executive order targets enemies
The Stir: Obama executive order discriminates against party affiliation
YouTube: 'He Lies' by Jimmy Z
YouTube: 'My Sharia' song parody by Jimmy Z
Real Clear Politics: 2012 GOP candidate Gary Johnson: 'I support gay unions'
YouTube: Weekly address: Stopping oil market fraud, beginning clean energy future
Gas Buddy: Gas price historical price charts
Real Clear Politics: Krauthammer: Liberal outrage is 'pure envy'
Detroit News: Detroit library buys 20 chairs at $1,100 each
NY Times: Labor board says Boeing's South Carolina plant breaks the law
Seeking Alpha: Boeing's Dreamliner nightmare
Wall Street Journal: The Death of Right To Work


John said...

McDonald's attack!
Am I hearing this right? We question why are the employees standing there watching, but not the illegal actions of the patrons! Assault is understandable but those that choose self preservation are denigrated...
Can you imagine that any "Journalist" would have done more?
IMHO, man, woman, child, fag... all are people. many are sick.(fag)and these people are perhaps even more depraved...

John said...

Seems I paused too soon. I don't agree with the way gfreakj presented his take on things, but I do understand and agree in most part with what he said!
It comes down to respect. We (white people) have become complacent. Trying to be politically correct?
call it what you want. But the bottom line is, must we react in violence to set this issue right for the future? Has this Black president truly brought the nation together or made the division wider?
If Black Americans want respect, well they're not going to get it like that!
I never owned a slave and as far as I know, neither did any other member of my family tree.
But on the other hand, who sold Africans to the Spanish slave traders? African kings! But of course that wont put the political football in an advantageous position...

John said...

Drinking with Bob?! What's he drinking? Amphetamines?