Tuesday, April 26, 2011


NFL players strike & LAPD police helicopter fired on
Boeing: More on the South Carolina NLRB complaint

Celebrate & welcome those who leave the Democrats
Show No. 074-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • 18 year old 'good boy' fires semi-automatic weapon at police helicopter • Reminiscing: The Neighbor-hoods throwing water balloons at cars • Great episode of Law & Order: 'Honor' explores radical Islam in America and honor killings • Audio: Mother talks about her 'good boy' who shot a semi-automatic rifle at an LAPD helicopter • The NFL players strike, the players union, racism in the NFL and Rush Limbaugh • If you don't like the pay and you don't like the risks, take your degree and get a real job • Audio: Lady Gaga, crying, says she still feels like a loser (You can't write comedy like this) • Rewind from yesterday: OBAMA'S UNION THUGS TELL BOEING WHERE TO BUILD AIRPLANES • Reading more from the Wall Street Journal • Boeing expands in Washington while building plant in South Carolina •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Rant: Don't make any commitments for 2012: Now is the time for LISTENING • Rant: Trump was a registered democrat, as was Ronald Reagan • Let us celebrate those who leave the Democrat party!MORE ON BOEING • Unions demand a seat on Boeing's board of directors • Audio: Fox News report and discussion: Boeing vs. the NLRB • Audio: Teamsters Local President on Fox News whines about union jobs • Rant: Strikes, unions and working: If you don't like the job, quit • Union workers at grocery stores consider a big strike in Southern California • Union woman seems surprised that a company would shut down in this economy • Boeing dubbed 'Boening' • Sen. Jim DeMint speaks out about potential lost jobs • Audio: Jim DeMint with Neil Cavuto • Audio: Stuart Acuff with Neil Cavuto • Obama does not care how much you pay for gasoline: EPA blocks oil drilling in Alaska

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
CBS News: Man arrested for attempted murder, allegedly fired at LAPD helicopter
KABC 7: Helicopter shooting suspect's mom speaks out
IMDB: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: 'Honor' (Original airing October 2000)
The New American: Honor murder finally goes to trial
American Spectator: Who is DeMaurice Smith?
YouTube: Lady Gaga crying in HBO preview of the Monster Ball Tour
Wall Street Journal: The death of right to work
Seeking Alpha: Boeing's Dreamliner nightmare
YouTube: Boeing fights NLRB finding saying SC 787 line is legal
YouTube: Teamsters Local 805 President tackles Fox News
Fox News: South Carolina lawmakers livid about NLRB Boeing complaint
NewsMax: DeMint: Labor relations board acting like 'thugs'
Fox News: Jim DeMint with Neil Cavuto
Fox News: Unions applaud labor board's complaint against Boeing
Heritage Foundation: EPA blocks oil drilling in Alaska


John said...

I want to say good show today, but... because of the topics covered, but really chaffed my rear!
Not your fault. But once again the POC in the WH!
HE LIES!!! oh and btw, thanks for making the thoughts I have of him a reality with the parody song. We got a kick out of it here in Germany.
He does not like the USA and those that think he's doing a good job must not like it either! Or just brain dead...
Oh and the last story, just more proof... I have no use for unions!
Thanks again for all you do, John in Germany

Adam said...

Obama just released the Long Form BC today .. Even though the state of Hawaii doesn't recognize the "original" for official purposes anymore. The only one they recognize is the COLB that they already released.

You say that's all the birthers want to see --- I say thats BS. You will see in the next few days that the birthers will NOT go away and will be crying fake fake fake ..After that happens I will tell you "TOLD YOU SO" . Whatever Obama does won't be good enough for these people.

Adam said...

Not sure why you censored my post - it's very relevant...

again, Obama just released his Long Form.... You just watch all the knee jerk reactionist birthers saying its fake ...

My question is, WHY should Obama have released it? Hawaii says it's not accepted for official use any more . The COLB is the official document. Birthers will NEVER accept the long form as valid, so why should he have released it? You are the one who keeps saying "Where's the BC" .

Jz said...

LOL - I thought it didn't exist? Anyway, now we'll have a document expert tell us if this is real or not. The State of Hawaii may not publish the long form, but they certainly do recognize it. But whatever. The big question is, why did the president wait so long?

Jz said...

Who censored what post? You are very touchy.

Adam said...

Why did the president wait so long?
Because he already released the more official Hawaii BC. (Unless you think Hawaii is LYING about which one they deem more valid)
Also because this won't satisfy birthers. Mark my words, they will be crying fake.

Sure, the BC will be verified by experts; Not that it'll matter to birthers. It's all a conspiracy to them.

Speaking of which, Can you remember which expert verified Bush's BC? Surely the white guy had to do as much to satisfy voters as Obama. Surely you guys aren't giving him an extra hard time because he has a funny name and the color of his skin?

Adam said...

Like I predicted -- Birthers are all over the internet saying the BC is fake, just like they said the other one was...

Now why exactly did you think he should have released it? I told you it wouldn't satisfy any birthers.

Adam said...


Look at all the conservatives saying they are SO GLAD this woman was arrested for interrupting Col. West ...

That's VERY VERY ironic considering these same people were saying it was SO UNFAIR Teresa Cao was arrested for heckling the reading of the constitution.

Why are conservatives generally so hypocritical and dishonest?

can you please answer me that.

Jz said...

Totally different situation - private function vs. government function in the House of Reps.

John said...

For me it isn't hard to see why so many people do not trust Obama. What has he done to earn it? I ask anyone that still believes he has our nations best interest in mind. Adam?
Really, I am asking so that I can understand your view on this. I have no intention of belittling or demeaning.
Enlighten me... Because that is my desire and as I see it, the intention of the Jimmy Z show!
Our nation is more important than any politician. Be it Rep. or Dem.