Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tax increases are now 'tax code spending reductions'
Barack Obama dreams of being anonymous again

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to vent,
or do you want to win?

Show No. 065-2011

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Opening • Many conservatives still upset over the budget deal • Audio: Frost Stillwell on KFI talking about the wealthy and tax cuts • The conservative division • Rant: Obama to talk about reducing the debt after increasing it as high as he could • The left is not happy with Obama moving to the center • Audio: Dick Morris on Obama's upcoming primary season • Audio: Dick Morris on the coming Republican primary • Support for Obamacare drops to 35% • Poll for potential matchups against Obama show Obama leading • Democrats who voted against raising the debt ceiling in the past admit to being wrong • More on the budget deal • DC Abortion funding cut off • Three ways John Boehner pulled off the budget deal • Facebook: Four points many Tea Partiers are not considering • Ask yourself: Do you want to vent, or do you want to win? • Crazy comments on Facebook about 'going Egyptian' •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'The Government Can', Tim Hawkins • Audio: Everybody Loves Raymond, The Fruit of the Month Club bit • Baseball analogy: Boehner's bunt single in the first inning • Jimmy Z's comments on Facebook: You have to think this through, look at the big picture • Audio: Mark Levin on the budget deal • Audio: Karl Rove on the budget deal: Obama did not win much • President Obama would like to be anonymous again • ON OBAMA'S SPEECH • Mortgage deduction to be removed? • Excerpts from Obama's speech: 'Spending reductions in the tax code' equals 'tax increases' • Paul Ryan's statement on Obama's speech • Key facts about Obama's budget plan • No savings until after the election • Oprah will not endorse Obama in 2012 • Audio: Rush Limbaugh criticizing the budget deal from Friday •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wall Street Journal: Budget Deal: Could the mortgage deduction get chopped?
KFI AM 640: Frost Stilwell on demand
The Hill: Left's angst over Obama's shift to the political center
YouTube: Dick Morris: Obama will face a primary
YouTube: Dick Morris: Who will be our candidate in 2012?
Denver Post: Support for health care law drops to 35%
Rasmussen Reports: 2012 Presidential Matchups
Rasmussen Reports: Obama Approval Index History
The Hill: Hoyer joins Obama in calling past votes against raising debt ceiling a mistake
Washington Post: Budget deal includes DC abortion rider, money for school vouchers
Fox News: How he did it: Three keys to Boehner's success
Facebook: Cheston does good
YouTube: Everybody Loves Raymond: Fruit of the month club
Facebook: From Clint...
YouTube: Mark Levin talks budget deal
The Blaze: Rove: Obama did not win much of anything
Dispatch: Not to be missed: Presidential dream is a long walk in the park
Wall Street Journal: Text of Obama's speech on the deficit
Weekly Standard: Paul Ryan on Obama's speech
NY Daily News: President Obama to deliver budget speech
My Fox Orlando: Source says Oprah Winfrey will not endorse Obama in 2012
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama budget deal scam

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