Thursday, April 28, 2011


Democrats in CA consider cutting GOP districts
35 years ago, Dodger Rick Monday saves the flag

The birth certificate? Obama is getting things done!
Show No. 076-2011


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Monologue: Follow up: The long form birth certificate • Birthers are now dangerous to the conservative movement • Could liberals be instigating more birther unrest? • While you're sitting around being worried about the birth certificate, Obama is getting things done • Dismissing the 'null & void' theory • On the issue of Obama's father's birthplace • Audio: Rick Monday saves the American Flag at Dodger Stadium, 1976, 35 years ago this week • Music: "The Star Spangled Banner", by the United States Marine Corps Band • Music: Guitar at Sunrise, by Jimmy Z (guitar noodling) • Audio: Michelle and Barack Obama on Oprah Winfrey talking birth certificate • Oprah is so funny! • California State Senator Darrell Steinberg in CA threatens to cut off services to GOP districts


John said...

I didn't hear that today would only be an hour. But still, very good.
And I agree about the BC! I thought we had heard enough already...
What point in a mans career could be better than that of Rick Monday? In light of the current state of our nation... We have a president that started his political career in the home of Bill Ayers who's most know in a photo standing on our flag!
Okra Winfree... what a piece of work! I recently heard her answer the question about what she thought of Obamas job performance. Her answer was that she had not been paying attention... What a lousy liar! Well they say, "Birds of a feather"...
Get the govt we pay for?! MOONBAT!
But I say we don't! Roll it all back!!!
And as far as teachers go, there needs to be an element of competition! No, that ship sank...

Jz said...

You probably heard that here, last February - I was outraged (as usual) that Oprah would DARE to tell us she wasn't paying attention. Wow! What a dishonest cow.

John said...

Your probably right. I do listen to a lot of different sources as I am not in country. And take my word for it, still the greatest country! And for anyone that doesn't believe it, then you should live in another country for a while.
Thanks again for sharing that story about Rick Monday. What a great American!
I'm gonna post it on my site!