Thursday, April 14, 2011


Krauthammer: Obama's speech 'was a disgrace'
Bernice Johnson goes at it with Neil Cavuto

Commentary from Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh
Show No. 066-2011

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Opening • Obama's fiscal policy, budget speech • Obama and the left media working hard to rally Obama's left wing kook fringe base • Obama's time and money could be spent on a democratic primary • Audio: Salo on Obama's fiscal policy speech • The Budget Battle: Obama vs. Ryan • Audio: Obama four months ago signing the tax rate extension • Biden on camera, falls asleep during Obama speechBREAKING DOWN OBAMA'S SPEECH • Obama on our nation's history • 'Tradition of fairness' • Rant: What's fair is a flat tax • Obama, Reid and Pelosi racked up over $5 trillion in debt in four years • Wasteful spending includes Harry Reid's Cowboy Poetry Festival • PBS, NPR • Let the private sector pursue green energy • Obama on China, South Korea and Brazil • Audio rewind: Frost Stilwell on how tax cuts work • Obama sets up the big tax increases with words of 'opportunity' • Rant: Government taking care of people is not an American principle • Translation: We will spend • Defense cuts (what a surprise) • Obamacare provides even more spending cuts • Independent commission will have the authority to change Medicare •

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Opening • Music: 'Don't Take No Jive', by Jimmy Z with Michael Stollaire • Breaking down Obama's speech (continued) • Social Security will not be privatized • Obama on millionaires and billionaires: We can't afford not to raise their taxes • Limiting itemized deductions for wealthy taxpayers • Reform tax codes to be 'fair and simple' (yeah right) • Corporate tax code to be reformed as well • Tax increases now called reduction of 'spending in the tax code' • Obama's debt fail-safe: Requirement to raise taxes in the law itself • Audio: Dick Morris on the Paul Ryan budget plan • Audio: Democrat Rep. Joe Courtney defends Obama budget • Audio: Dick Morris on the Obama Budget speech • Audio: Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson with Neil Cavuto • Review: Eddie Bernice Johnson gave CBC scholarships to her family and an aide's family! (Sep 2010) • Johnson says that without Obama's vision, 'children will be running around with no shoes, no clothes and eating off the ground' • Audio: Paul Ryan's response to Obama's speech • Audio: Charles Krauthammer on Obama's speech •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Salo: Regarding Obama's fiscal policy speech
USA Today: The budget battle: Obama vs. Ryan
YouTube: CNN: President Obama signs tax bill (Dec 2010)
YouTube: Obama puts Biden to sleep with budget speech
YouTube: President Obama's budget speech Part 1
YouTube: President Obama's budget speech Part 2
YouTube: President Obama's budget speech Part 3
YouTube: Dick Morris: Paul Ryan's vision
YouTube: Rep. Courtney blasts GOP plan to end medicare as we know it
YouTube: Dick Morris: Obama's budget
Dallas News: (Sep 2010) Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson gave scholarships to family, aide's family
Real Clear Politics: Democrat Rep: Children will be eating off the ground
YouTube: Paul Ryan disgusted with Obama and his attack on the GOP budget
Real Clear Politics: Charles Krauthammer: Obama's speech 'was a disgrace'
Rush Limbaugh: Despicable attempt to shore up Obama's sagging base
ABC News: Kobe Bryant fined $100,000 for anti-gay slur


John said...

Amazing example of Moronism... Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
" I gonna tell ya where ya can get some more money... From Obama's stash!"
One of the jr. Bozos of Govt...
she's reading the propaganda script...
Oh and what torture playing it over and over... *sarcasm*
Yes Barack Obozo, well deserved euphemism. Funny because he thinks we're all gullible. Disrespectful?! Respect is earned, he has not earned it and only degraded any reverence that the position of POTUS carries.

John said...

Just looking over the show notes and recalling the story on Kobe Bryant.
While I wouldn't use that type of 'expression', I feel he has a 1st amendment right IMHO! Unless there is something in his contract that prohibits that or in the NBA rules, Ridiculous!
Here in Germany it is unlawful to say certain things about or to people. Is that what the US is coming to?!
One small piece of freedom at a time being chipped away at...