Monday, April 11, 2011


Breaking down the 2011 Budget deal, good & bad
The Day of Silence WALKOUT is this Friday

Undercover Boss on CBS shows real Christianity
Show No. 063-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • On the budget deal and shutting down the government • Changing my mind: I didn't want the government to shut down on Friday • Conservatives understand the debt problem but America must be convinced • The GOP had a lot to lose from a government shutdown • What if we had massive majorities? Should we force spending cuts on America? • It's time for patience • Audio: Lawrence O'Donnell reads email about Planned Parenthood • Why are taxes paying for birth control when women do not need to have sex? • Rant: Why I like the budget deal • Audio: Rush Limbaugh this morning on the budget deal • Music: 'Take No Jive' with Michael Stollaire's lead guitar • Audio: One liner on Saturday Night Live: Glenn Beck leaving Fox News • Audio: Undercover Boss segment, Baja Fresh CEO • Training on the cash register and talking with Anthony about his family in the Philippines •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: I'm So Liberal I Could Cry', by Jimmy Z • The Day of Silence WALKOUT this Friday • Reading: How some schools go along with the pro homosexual activism • If you pull your kids home, the school loses money • Schools will allow students to remain silent in support of homosexuals and transgendered and etc • Song: The Lesbian Song, unknown performer • Illinois Family Institute commentary: Phrasing exposes the school's bias • Audio sound bytes: Commentaries on YouTube about the Day of Silence • Change of Command photos my father and I shot last week available now in the show notes • THE BOEHNER BUDGET DEAL • A variety of opinion from conservative writers and pundits • Senate must allow a vote on Obamacare abortion funding • American Thinker: Boehner gave 'too much' • $38 or $61 billion really doesn't make a difference • Tea Party activists give Boehner a nod of approval • Red State: The real fight is yet to come • Dick Morris: Boehner sold out • National Review: Boehner wins big • American Thinker's baseball analogy: This is the first inning in a 9 inning game

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Breitbart: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell breaks down in tears over Planned Parenthood email
CBS News: Watch Undercover Boss full episodes
Illinois Family Institute website
Day of Silence 2011 website
YouTube: Day of Silence (Derrick)
YouTube: Day of Silence commentary
YouTube: Friday April 15th, 2011 - the Day of Silence
YouTube: Day of Silence commentary
YouTube: Day of Silence - April 15th!
YouTube: National Day of Silence is deafening
YouTube: National Day of Silence 2011
YouTube: VLOG#1 - Breaking the silence, the Day of Silence
YouTube: Day of Silence stuff!
YouTube: Day of Silence 2011 commentary
YouTube: The Day of Silence 2011
ColBB: Photos of the Change of Command ceremony at Camp Pendleton
Red State: Latest GOPTrust ad: Big Labor has become like Frankenstein's Monster
Life News: Budget deal nets DC abortion funding ban, vote on Planned Parenthood
CNS News: Schumer: Senate will 'never never never' defund Planned Parenthood
American Thinker: Boehner gave up too much
Facebook: Rant about the Tea Party and the 2011 Budget compromise
Wall Street Journal: Activists give Boehner a nod of approval
Red State: When will the real fight finally commence?
Dick Morris: It's no deal, it's a sellout
National Review Online: Boehner wins big
American Thinker: We must think beyond the $38 billion

1 comment:

John said...

Hi Jim, I enjoyed the show from yesterday. Unfortunately I could not watch the CBS program due to my location.
And on the budget I feel that it would not matter if the Govt did shut down. It is really not much different than if the budget gets cut by $200billion. There will be jobs lost by those that this money is spent on. Sad but many are in the same boat! I also. My work went south because I was in the Florida housing industry. And because I was self employed, I did not qualify for benefits. (not that I want to be)