Monday, April 4, 2011


Paul Ryan in depth on the GOP's 2012 budget
Charlie Sheen's epic fail in Detroit tour opener

Boehner's tough talk in Rolling Stone interview
Show No. 058-2011

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Opening • People getting upset with Charlie Sheen for calling Sarah Palin a 'whore' • Obama's scar and possible criminal past • Donald Trump's birth certificate tour • Elton John on Saturday Night Live: Butt sex jokesPastor Terry Jones burns a Quran & Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks out against free speech • Audio: Lindsey Graham on burning the Quran (Face the Nation) • Audio: Harry Reid on burning the Quran (Face the Nation) • Rant: Why didn't either of these idiots explain freedom of speech to the Muslims in Afghanistan? • John Boehner on laziness in America in Rolling Stone magazine • Audio: Paul Ryan in depth on the 2012 budget and spending cuts (Fox News Sunday) • Audio: Marco Rubio on the debt crisis in America (Fox News Sunday) •

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Opening • Music: 'Alcee Hastings', Jimmy Z mix • Accurate Shooter's article about paint markers replacing hand guns • Amazing: 2,000 year old representation of Jesus foundCharlie Sheen's epic fail in Detroit • One clown paid $300 • Audio: News report from Detroit Fox 2 • Audio: Fans complaining about Sheen show • Audio: Crowd booing Charlie Sheen's show • Opening comedian booed off the stage • Fannie and Freddie execs get $35 million from taxpayers • Audio: Donald Trump on The View talking about Obama's birth certificate • Whoopie and the rest of the broads go nuts • Writer 'Fellowship' says Trump is putting more pressure on Trump • Rant: People who didn't like Trump before now seem to love the guy • Audio: Al Sharpton says Trump's birth certificate issue is racial • Audio: Lawrence O'Donnell on Trump & the birth certificate • Audio: More MSNBC laughing at Trump & the birth certificate • Obama must be defeated in 2012 • Audio: Obama's email and first campaign video for 2012

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: SNL: Sir Elton John opening monologue 4/2/11
WFTY: Pastor Terry Jones stands by Quran burning beliefs
YouTube: Lindsey Graham: 'Freedom of speech is great but we're in a war'
YouTube: Can the US avoid a government shutdown?
Rumor Miller: The poor and lazy caused the current crisis
AP: GOP budget will cut $4 trillion
Fox News: Rep. Paul Ryan previews GOP budget
Fox News: Sen. Marco Rubio talks debt crisis
Accurate Shooter: US Border Patrol replaces guns with NLAIM paint markers
Daily Mail UK: Hidden in a cave: First ever portrait of Jesus found
YouTube: Charlie Sheen live show bombs in Detroit
YouTube: Angry fans blast Charlie Sheen
YouTube: CNN: Charlie Sheen show bombs in Detroit
Show Biz 411: Charlie Sheen show disaster: Will Live Nation pull the plug?
Inside TV: Charlie Sheen's Detroit disaster: Boos, walkouts
Newsmax: Outrage: Freddie and Fannie execs pocketed $35 million
Patriot Action Network: Donald Trump on the View: Where's the birth certificate?
Newsmax: Trump refuses to back down on Obama's 'very strange' birth
YouTube: Sharpton rips Trump: Claims racial motives behind birth cert flap
MSNBC: Lawrence O'Donnell: Trump's birther shtick
Business Insider: Trump's birther antics carry 'Apprentice' to ratings high
MSNBC: Rachel Maddow: Trump sells the birther issue
Patriot Action Network: President announces re-election bid with video
YouTube: Barack Obama 2012 campaign launch video: 'It begins with us'


John said...

I sent Jones an email and gave him my thoughts about what he was , planning to do, could endanger his family, and his congregation. As followers of Christ, we are called to fallow Jesus! I have no doubt that Jesus would not agree with his plans. Instead, he has misrepresented our Lord. We are to be His ambassadors... Love our enemies?
I agree that he has the right to do this but;
1Co 10:23 All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify.
And the following verses are also applicable.
But the biggest travesty is the politicizing of this by leaders... loosely said.
ok.. now for the rest of the program...

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, Jones' actions and the muslim response is more proof that islamists are murderous crackpots.