Friday, April 8, 2011


Harry Reid: GOP cuts off women's cancer screenings
7,000 votes found in Wisconsin's court race

Eleanor Holmes Norton goes berserk on TV!
Show No. 062-2011

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Opening • New and improved Hippity Hop riff with guitar and bass: 'Take No Jive' • THE BUDGET BATTLE AND LOOMING SHUTDOWN • Planned Parenthood funding is the stumbling block • Who is more likely to give up, Democrats or Republicans? • Liberals will be doing the whining and bitching and moaning on television • Conservatives will be (and should be!) celebrating the shut down! • Democrat plan to drop trash off at John Boehner's home • Schools and parents begging for higher taxes in California • Prediction: If someone blinks, it will be the Republicans • Who wanted the Democrats to pass that budget in late 2010? Not Jimmy Z • Fighting the budget battle is not going to be pretty • Republicans cutting spending is not a popular idea - yet • Conservative tells me we should cut $5 trillion on one year • Joe Biden's daughter attacks Donald Trump on Facebook • Donald Trump is not running as a third party candidate: Comparisons to Ross Perot are meaningless • Grassfire reports that some in the GOP are weakening under pressure • Nancy Pelosi: A war on women • Audio: Eleanor Holmes Norton goes berserk on television (screen captures at left) • Audio: Jesse Jackson says the budget battle is the American Civil War again • Congress won't shut down during a shutdown • Congressional pay at $174,000 and more • Harry Reid blames Tea Party 'extreme social agenda' for budget battle • Boehner: 'When are the democrats going to start talking seriously about spending cuts?' • Jimmy Z: Four things democrats do not want to do • Harry Reid says the Republican goal is to keep women from getting cancer screenings •

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Opening • 'Lamentations of a Liberal', by Jimmy Z • CA: Republican plan to add a line to the CA tax forms that would allow people to pay more taxes • Republican bill to guarantee military pay included riders and add ons • GOP's criticism over Obama threat to veto was disingenuous • The bill should have been about military pay period • Audio: Democrats pontificating on the Senate floor • Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Patty Murray, Dick Durbin • $70 billion in cuts: Jimmy Z spending cuts analogy illustrates what Congress is up to • Audio: Reid's 'cancer screening' quote • Rant: Gridlock is a good thing! • Why don't the democrats give up, they did their best, and bow to the Republicans this time? • Obama plans family getaway to Williamsburg this weekend • WISCONSIN: Union battle over State Supreme Court race • Republicans find 7,000 uncounted votes and take the lead in Wisconsin Supreme Court election • Glenn Beck leaving Fox News: Some folks are way too dependent on Beck for information • Beck has a huge research staff, reads from a teleprompter or cue cards • The Jimmy Z Show uses no cue cards or scripts • Rant: Don't depend on Jimmy Z for information • Update: Dodger stadium beating and huge reward for information leading to arrests • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Obama and the price of gasoline • Rant, Jimmy Z and Rush both: Obama does not care about gasoline prices •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Patriot Action Network: Joe Biden's daughter trashes Donald Trump on Facebook
The Politico: Nancy Pelosi calls GOP budget 'a war against women'
My Fox DC: Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton upset over treatment of DC during shutdown talks
The Jimmy Z Show: Eleanor Holmes Norton screen captures
Daily Caller: Jesse Jackson declares budget right is civil war again
AP: Congress doesn't shut down during a shutdown
Yahoo News: Budget negotiators differ by (measly) $6.5 billion
USA Today: Reid blames possible shut down on Tea Party's 'extreme social agenda'
News 10: Tax extension would be optional under new bill
Reuters: Reid says Republicans want shutdown to close clinics
Heritage: Commander-in-chief turns his back on America's military
YouTube: Republicans push shutdown over women's health programs
San Francisco Chronicle: Abortion spending divide US leaders trying to avert shutdown
Daily Press: President Obama & family may visit Williamsburg this weekend
Wall Street Journal: Review & Outlook: Big Labor's Wisconsin revenge
Blog for Arizona: Something rotten in Wisconsin: 7,000 votes 'found?'
MLB: Dodgers to raise funds for injured Giants fan
LA Times: Radio personality Tom Leykis adds $50,000 to reward for information
Rush Limbaugh: Obama to citizen on gas prices: Trade in your car and buy a Volt


John said...

Eleanor Holmes Norton cannot vote on legislation?! That is a senseless aspect of our govt! Why even have this expense? It's like decaffeinated coffee... Alcohol-free beer... Tits on a boar-hog... Salt without any flavor...
"our issues are not the federal deficit" ??? what?! The who's pray tell is it?!
What piece of work she is! But seems to be typical for leftists...

conservativeBC said...

Some love for the Jimmy Z show

bottom right hand

Jz said...

Ha ha ha! That's GREAT Jack! Thank you!!