Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Chinese professor tells students to get rich
Plouffe: Trump & birth certificate are a side show

'Glenn Beck is the only one informing America'
Show No. 064-2011

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Opening • Paraphrasing Limbaugh's argument about the 2011 Budget deal • The government shutdown would have been a disaster for the GOP • Pew Research: Independents not happy with Obama's handling of the economy • Music: 'My Sharia', Jimmy Z (from a Michael Stollaire idea) • Breaking down The Candid Conservative's commentary, 'Conservative thinkers are seriously outgunned' • Conservatives online are saying that Boehner caved and is a RINO • Paul Ryan's cuts come from increased spending • Rant: Cutting scheduled spending increases is not really cutting anything • Audio: Charles Payne commentary on the Budget deal from Friday • Instilling fear in the American people • Chinese university professor sounds more capitalist than America • Audio: Steve Wynn in Las Vegas on building in China (2010) • Audio: Paul Ryan on Meet the Press discussing his deficit reduction plan • Economic growth slowed by Obama's tax increases • Global competition with China and India • Rant: Conservatives demand cutting the debt but it may be impossible •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music, song parody: 'Obama Won't You Buy Me A Honda Hybrid', Jimmy Z • Rant: Decreasing the spending increase • Audio: Paul Ryan continued: Medicare • Biggest threat is the status quo • Review and elaboration: American Thinker: Think beyond the $38 billion • Audio: Bill Maher on Islam • France and Islam & the New York Times' pro-Muslim editorial • The Times supports the way Muslims treat their women • Patriot Action Network readers praise Glenn Beck • Beck is the only one willing to inform us! • Audio: Lou Dobbs on welfare to illegal aliens • Audio: Obama's campaign chief David Plouffe on Fox News Sunday • Audio: Plouffe on ABC's This Week • Audio: Chuck Schumer on Meet the Press • Audio: George Soros on Bloomberg Television • The US should take on more debt! •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Candid Conservative: Conservative thinkers are seriously outgunned
Facebook: Dr. Carl Mumpower
Roll Call: Both sides see new budget as a gift
California IVN: Pew poll reveals independents lack confidence in Obama
KFI AM 640: Charles Payne podcasts
Forbes: Chinese professor tells students become millionaires or you're a disgrace
MSNBC: Steve Wynn takes on Washington
MSNBC: Paul Ryan: Raising taxes isn't the answer
American Thinker: We must think beyond the $38 billion
Fox Nation: Maher: 'There is one religion that kills you when you disgrace them'
NY Times: Government-enforced bigotry in France
Fox News: Why are illegal alien families collecting welfare?
YouTube: David Plouffe slams fiscal conservatives on Fox News Sunday
YouTube: David Plouffe: Trump won't be hired, the birth certificate is a side show
YouTube: Schumer: Not raising the debt ceiling is playing with fire
Business Insider: George Soros: The US can take on more debt

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AngieComics said...


Mark Levine agrees with you. What Karl Rove called 80 billion in cuts assumes Bam would have had his way and spent every dime on any and every project he had up his sleeve.

How's that? "Hey honey... I got a $10,000 raise at work! Let's celebrate! What's that? I only have $4 in my pocket? Well, I didn't actually get the raise. And I'm assuming I'd lose it at the track anyway... But hey! I got a 10K raise! Let's celebrate!"

It's ObamaCare Math! ObamaCare lowers the deficit by raising taxes. If you're against ObamaCare, Jimmy, you're against lowering the deficit!