Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Woman sues Match.com for alleged sexual assault
What is racism? Discussing the chimpanzee image

Libertarianism & Conservatism are not the same
Show No. 069-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Article about a supposed gay revision of the Bible • Homosexuals coming out in Christian colleges and universities • Rant: If you don't want to live a Christian life, why would you go to a Christian school? • Gay bible website • What's so hard to understand about Leviticus 18:22? • Woman suing Match.com over alleged assault • Rant: People who use Match.com should being doing their own research • Match.com will begin screening members • Audio: Television news report on Match.com suit • The woman says people don't expect unsafe situations on the internet • Audio: Meredith Vieira interviews Carole Markin • The woman didn't know the man's full name! • Signing the waiver at Match.com doesn't count, no one reads the fine print • Libertarianism vs. Conservatism • Fellow on facebook wants to argue about Christianity, but Jimmy Z doesn't play the game •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & OFFENSIVE PHOTOSHOP IMAGES • Orange County GOP official emails the Obama chimpanzee parents image • Audio: Bill Carroll talks with Scott Baugh about the 'offensive' email image • Facebook post regarding 'racist' chimpanzee image • My reaction was, what's the big deal? • Another racial humor image with Obama shining Sarah Palin's shoes • Black conservatives on Facebook comment on the image • Lawn jockey caricature of Justice Clarence Thomas • Michael Stollaire joins the show to comment on racially charged Photoshop images • The concept of Ultimate Victory • Success is more important than exercising 'free speech' with images that insult Obama • Do you want to vent or do you want to win? • Chimpanzee picture goes viral • Freedom of speech doesn't mean we want to sacrifice votes • The 'right-of-way analogy' - You can have the right of way, but you're no less dead in an accident • Ann Coulter on the GOP presidential field • We have to prevent running a flawed candidate •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Dead Serious News: Gay revision of the Bible to go on sale (thought to be a fake story)
NY Times: Gay rights at Christian colleges face suppression
Gay and lesbian bible website home page
Tech Blorge: Match.com to screen for sex offenders
B-Net: Why Match.com's plan to screen for sexual predators is going to bite back
ABC News: Woman suing Match.com for alleged sexual assault comes forward
NBC: Today: She says Match.com set her up with sex offender
Wikipedia: Match.com information
AP: California GOP official apologizes for Obama chimp email
KFI AM 640: Bill Carroll on demand
Facebook: Oh holy s@?!*%! Is this woman a moron?
Facebook: I know this is racially insensitive
Black Commentator: Emerge cover, Clarence Thomas as a lawn jockey
Mediaite: Ann Coulter: Donald Trump would be a better president than Barack Obama


John said...

Hi Jim, I just watched the first segment and I am reminded of the segment from yesterday that I thought was excellent. The one about the students in Connecticut. Where the teacher told the students that they shouldn't watch Glenn Beck. And now this thing about students at Galor University...
The problem with this "teaching" is that they aren't teaching students HOW to think but want to teach them WHAT to think...(indoctrination)
I never old my kids what to think, but challenged them to think!

John said...

Libertarian is where the term "Liberal" comes from... Not that the real term is evil, but that these terms have been hijacked...
And the verse about pearls and swine is what came to mind about the Facebook guy...
Jesus spoke to the devil... But he didn't try to get him to repent!