Friday, May 20, 2011


Circumcision kills: Insane San Fran protest signs
Netanyahu rips Obama, says 'no' to 1967 borders

Bono blames US for murder, gun violence in Mexico
Woman says she faked Botox injection story
Show No. 090-2011


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Greetings and salutations • Comments on 'Judgment Day' • Audio: The Jesus Christ Show: Why Saturday is NOT Judgment Day • Eschatology • This time he's positive • Harold Camping uses science, math and scripture to calculate Judgment Day's date • Using numerology and such to squeeze hidden 'information' out of the Bible • Fear based Christianity? Fear based fire analogy • 7,000 years after the great flood • 'You will not know the time' • It's not important 'when' Jesus returns, but that Jesus returns • Jimmy Z conclusion • Audio: Dennis Prager on San Francisco's vote to possibly ban circumcision • A foreskin has more value than the life of an unborn baby • Protester signs: Circumcision Kills! • Audio: Harold Camping talking about Judgment Day • Great comment: Can I pick up your belongings? • Audio: YouTube schmos comment on Judgment Day •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'What Do You Know?', Jimmy Z • Audio: Horrible woman coaches her daughter to lie on national TV about Botox injections • Child protective services takes her child away • Woman explains she was manipulated • ABC News and The Sun suspect the story is still true; that the woman is just trying to get her daughter back • OBAMA'S 1967 BORDER IDEA & ISRAEL'S REACTION • Audio: News report, Obama's border demand • Reading: Allen West's response to Obama's 1967 border idea • Audio: Netanyahu's opening comments during press conference with Obama • Audio: Limbaugh says Obama betrayed Israel • Audio montage: Mark Levin on Obama's Israel comments • Audio: Ed Koch interview covering Obama's comments • Rant: How can Koch still be considering voting for Obama? • Audio rewind: Obama in 2008 • Says Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital • Special connection between the US and Israel • Rant: Obama's words contradict his actions • Audio: Palestinian report on Obama in 2008 • Bachmann says that there is a price to pay for not supporting Israel •

Hour THREE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'He Lies', Jimmy Z • Bono in Mexico City: The US is responsible for gun violence and murder in Mexico • Audio: Bono's message of love: The US is responsible for murders • Rant: Who's responsible for the killing? • Bono's immature political views • Audio: Hannity with John McCain on Obama's Israel comments • McCain laughs at the absurdity of Obama's comments • Audio: Report from Israel on Fox News • Netanyahu expects Obama to honor commitments made to Israel in 2004 • Audio: Youtube schmo's great comments on Obama, Israel and terrorism • Audio: Comments from Jay Sekulow, ACLJ • Obama's policy is good for radical Islam • Reading: Report: Netanyahu says 'no' to 1967 borders • Audio: TV news report, Obama and Netanyahu: Everybody knows it's not gonna happen • Music: Obama song parody on YouTube •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Jesus Christ Show: Website home page
KFI AM 640: The Jesus Christ Show
Vimeo: Dennis Prager: San Francisco puts anti-religious/anti-health initiative on ballot
YouTube: Judgment Day Bible guarantees it!!!
YouTube: May 21, 2011: Judgment Day
YouTube: May 21 2011 Judgment Day rant (lame ass Christian propaganda) (VULGAR)
YouTube: Pageant mom gives Botox to 8 year old, defends actions
YouTube: Botox mom claims she lied about injecting daughter, fights to keep custody
Guardian UK: The Sun denies claim it knowingly published fake child Botox story
YouTube: Obama's Israel, Palestinian surprise
Congressman Allen West: Response to President Obama's Israel solution
YouTube: President Obama & Benjamin Netanyahu press conference
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh: Obama's betrayal of Israel
YouTube: Mark Levin: Jerusalem, The city of our God
YouTube: Mark Levin: Israel should tell Obama and Hillary Clinton to go to hell
Mark Levin: Israel's biggest enemy is Barack Obama (Part 2)
Ed Koch: I could vote for GOP after Obama's Mideast speech
Obama: Israel must retain control of Jerusalem (2008)
Obama: I was wrong to promise an undivided Jerusalem (2008)
Barack: America's special relationship with Israel (2008)
Obama and Palestine (2008)
Talking Points Memo: Bachmann on rejecting Israel
LA Times: Bono in Mexico, chastises US for weapons that arm drug cartels U2's Bono: US is responsible for gun violence in Mexico
Fox News: Hannity: John McCain on President's Mideast speech
YouTube: Israel upset about Obama speech
YNET News: Natanyahu says 'no' to 1967 borders
Israel National News: Israel expects Obama to take back 1967 borders demand
YouTube: Obama: Anti-Jew? Pro-terrorist?
YouTube: ACLJ: President Obama pressures Israel to surrender it's territory
YouTube: ACLJ: Sekulow Now: Pressuring Israel to negotiate with terrorists
Fox News: Netanyahu rejects Obama statehood demand after Oval Office meeting
YouTube: Netanyahu rejects 1967 borders after talks in Washington
YouTube: Obama song parody: You're Mine


John said...

Hey Jim! I'm still here!!! 11:44 AM local time

John said...

Very good show for Friday...
On the nuts that want to predict the end, they do more harm to the cause of salvation! I cannot imagine that they will not be held accountable!
Left coast fringe... I made a post on my web page about these idiots in San Fran! In case you or listeners want to see. This is a big issue to me (abortion). As for circumcision, freedom should be the side we error on... So in a way these protesters feel ,why kill just the foreskin when you can kill the whole child! Wackos! Even more so than these making doomsday predictions!
Oh and by the way... In the Bible, it says "Nobody" knows the day or hour... there was no exception clause... Nobody means nobody!
And who is his "WE" that Obama keeps saying wants Israel going back to 1967 borders?! Don't count me in that group! I realize he is the #1 diplomat, but is that the general consensus of the US? I think not!
And as for the US Jewish community, I would guess they are Democrats first and Jewish when it's convenient...
Thanks for the extended Friday edition! 2 thumbs up