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Obama's latest foreign policy blunder: The release of Sgt. Bergdahl
CNN anchor Costello thinks that Michelle Obama signs bills into law
Anti-cop blogs blame police for toddler injured in Atlanta house raid
• Father of captive soldier tweeted efforts to free all Gitmo prisoners

Show No. 048-2014

• Obama's foreign policy blunder: The release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
• Foreign relations have not improved anywhere under Barack Obama
• Obama surrendering in the war on terror: Dick Morris commentary
• Michelle Obama hates potatoes now: US Potato Council responds
• CNN anchor Costello thinks that Michelle Obama signs bills into law
• Corrine Brown fun: She flips out and says the VA in Florida is fine
• Go Gata! On the House floor Corrine Brown gratulates the Gators
• Fathers fined, charged for punishing their children: Did they go too far?
• Anti-cop blogs blame police for toddler injured in Atlanta house raid
• CA Woman stabs two attacking pit bulls to death in self defense

• Did Obama break the law in negotiating with Taliban terrorists?
• Hero or deserter? Bowe Bergdahl appears to have left his post
• The safety of all Americans is at risk, military and civilians traveling
• Obama audio skipped over: Obama and Bergdahl's parents
• Obama says that the US will never leave one of our own behind
• Bergdahl promoted to Sergeant during Taliban captivity
• Father of captive soldier tweeted efforts to free all Gitmo prisoners
• Tweet deleted but screen captures exist: Is Bob Bergdahl Muslim?
• National Review: Obama replenishes the Taliban with five released
• Chuck Hagel very happy with deal freeing five dangerous terrorists

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• Side One
Taliban Prisoner Swap Frees U.S. Soldier Held Nearly 5 Years - NYTimes.com
NBC's Richard Engel Admits U.S. Relations Have Not Improved With a Single Nation Under Obama | NewsBusters
Surrendering in the War on Terror! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT! - YouTube
U.S. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban in Swap for Guantanamo Detainees - WSJ
Potato Council Debunks First Lady's 'Science' Claims | CNS News
Liberal CNN Anchor Thinks Michelle Obama Can Sign Bills Into Law
CNN’s Costello Claims Michelle Obama 'Signed the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Into Law’ | NewsBusters
‘Aggressively ignorant’: Rep. Corrine Brown wigs out, says Fla. VA is ‘doing fine’; Truth begs to differ [video] | Twitchy
Rep. Corrine Brown Says There Are No VA Problems In Florida by Jimmy Z Zulz on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Corrine Brown: No VA problems in Florida | Tampa Bay Times
Rep. Corrine Brown: No VA Problems in Florida - YouTube
Rep. Corrine Brown - Go Gata (with Subtitles) - YouTube
‘Penalize the Fathers That Leave the Kids’: Aidala Says Law Should Stay Out of Parenting | Fox News Insider
Toddler Critically Injured During Police Raid « CBS Atlanta
Ga. cops critically injure 19-month-old baby with flash bang device during raid, report says - CBS News
Woman Stabs to Death Two Attacking Pit Bulls - NBC News.com
• Side Two
Did Obama break the law in negotiating Bowe Bergdahl's release? - Videos - CBS News
Is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl a hero or a deserter? - CBS News
GOP on Bowe Bergdahl release: U.S. shouldn't negotiate with terrorists - CBS News
Bergdahl release arrangement could threaten the safety of Americans, Republicans say - The Washington Post
Bowe Bergdahl Rescued: Obama Speaks About Release of Captured Soldier - YouTube
President Obama Speaks on the Recovery of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl - YouTube
Obama: Bergdahl 'was never forgotten' - AOL.com
Image: Bergdahl's father with Obama - Ew!
AOL.com Article - GOP lawmakers: Prisoner exchange violated law
Released Soldier Bowe Bergdahl's Father Had Tweeted He Was Working To Free ALL Gitmo Prisoners! - Jimmy Z - PAN
Twitter / I am still working to free all gitmo prisoners
Robert Bergdahl (bobbergdahl) on Twitter
‘Working to free all Guantanamo prisoners’ tweet from account of released soldier’s father deleted | Twitchy
Army sergeant held by Taliban for five years finally free: Obama - NY Daily News
Obama Replenishes the Taliban ... Or 'How Wars End in the 21st Century' | National Review Online
Did Bowe Bergdahl really desert his army post out of protest? | Mail Online
The Military Community's Reaction to the Bergdahl Release | National Review Online
Was Bowe Bergdahl A Deserter? Viral Internet Comment Seems Legit: Jimmy Z - Patriot Action Network
American Soldier Who Served With Freed POW Casts Doubt on Official Story; Fears Reprisal From Obama
Hagel: ‘Very Happy Day’ For Bergdahl Family - ABC News
Bowe Bergdahl, last U.S. POW in Afghanistan, flies to military base in Germany - am New York
Idaho hometown of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl celebrates, prepares homecoming - CNN.com

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