Friday, December 3, 2010


NY Giants player: being booed is like booing the troops
Shenanigans: Democrats do not intend to cut taxes

Student stands up to homosexual agenda in school
Show No. 224-2010

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Opening • NY Giants Antrel Rolle says being booed is like booing troops returning from Iraq • Rant: Football is ultimately meaningless • Articles at ESPN and NY Daily News • Audio: Olbermann on Fox Nation's post of The Onion satire • Dumb conservatives hand Olbermann ammunition to use against Fox • Music (kind of): The worst cover of Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' ever • Music: A portion of Which One's PInk? playing 'Time' by Pink Floyd • Audio: Keith Olbermann on Bristol Palin on abstinence • Rant: Bristol Palin is over-exposed • Bristol Palin's response to Olbermann • OMG: Todd Palin may do Dancing With the Stars • EXPOSED: OBAMA OWNS NBC • Audio: NBC Anchor Brian Williams rides in the limo with Obama to get burgers • Rant: When we lose the media, we've lost it all •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: John Boehner on 'chickencrap' democrat tactics • Democrats shenanigans over tax cuts • Rant: Didn't democrats say the Bush Tax Cuts only benefit the wealthy? • Audio: PBS story on tax cuts • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Tax cuts or not? What the democrats want: Analysis from SK • People who pay no taxes should pay something • Double, triple and quadruple taxation • Congress breaks the law and there is no punishment • The incoming speaker, John Boehner • 16 year old Christian stands up to his teacher who was pushing the homosexual agenda in class • American Spectator articles • Obama to voters: Drop dead • Rant: We need to keep our heads as we oppose Obama •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
NY Daily News: Giants safety Antrel Rolle compares being booed to booing soldiers coming home
CBS Radio New York: The Joe and Evan Show
ESPN: NY Giants' Antrel Rolle wants fans 'to be more on our side'
YouTube: Keith Olbermann on Fox Nation, and 'Worst Person' Bristol Palin
Google Cash: Fox Nation page featuring Onion article re Obama's 75k word email
LA Times: Worst ever cover of Pink Floyd's 'Uncomfortably Numb'
YouTube: Which One's Pink? - 'Time'
Wonkette: Bristol Palin throws thesaurus at Keith Olbermann
Daily Mail blogs: Obama bought off NBC
Washington Post: Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond US banks to industry, foreign firms
YouTube: Brian Williams and Barack Obama ride in limo to get burgers
YouTube: John Boehner blasts democrats 'chickencrap' tax cuts gambit
YouTube: Democrat-backed tax cuts bill faces Senate blockade after clearing House
Thomas More Law Center: Christian student confronts homosexual teacher
American Spectator: Obama to voters: Drop Dead
American Spectator: Opposing Obama

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