Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ed Schultz: The Tea Party should push higher taxes
Reid's new monster $1.1T pork-filled spending bill

Why choose a loser to lead the Tea Party?
Show No. 231-2010

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Opening • Music: 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)', Darlene Love • It's freezing: Maybe they were right back in the 70s when they said it was global cooling • Illegal alien phone number for Congress that YOU can use as well • MICHAEL STEELE • Michael Steele decides to run for a second term • Remember when Michael Steele played the race card? • Audio: Michael Steele whines about race on Good Morning America • Steele has the RNC $20 million in debt • Now it's the 'Obama Compromise' • Democrats will pass it now that they have added more spending • Audio: Ed Schultz goes nuts about the Tea Party and taxes • Audio: Michael Medved teaches Bill Press about taxation and big government • Rant: Racial humor as opposed to racist jokes •

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Opening • Production error • Music: 'Nappy Headed Ho', Jimmy Z • Story behind the song: Don Imus and Al Sharpton • No one should ever apologize to Al Sharpton • 'No Labels' political group tries to push 'compromise' • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Harry Reid's 1,900+ page pork-filled budget worth $575 million per page • Republicans have to stand their ground, and you must call your Senators • Harry Reid is genuinely evil • Reading: More on Reid's Senate agenda • Reid to keep Congress in session through January 4th • Sharron Angle: A new Tea Party Leader? • Why are losers and quitters leading the conservative movement? • Obamacare decision in Virginia • Audio: Two reports on a federal judge's decision • Some Christmas song parodies online •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Darlene Love's 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)'
ResistNet: Illegals have a toll free phone number to call Congress 1-866-996-5161
ABC News: Michael Steele's in, but can he win?
Big Government: RNC Chair Steele tries to take credit for 2010 Tea Party success
YouTube: AP sources: Steele will run for re-election
Crooks and Liars: The RNC's Michael Steele plays the race card against the GOP
NY Magazine: Michael Steele running on the 'don't fire the black man' platform
Business Week: Senate may pass $858 billion tax cut today
Newsbusters: Medved schools Bill Press and Ed Schultz on tax cuts
Michelle Malkin: 'No Labels' accused of ripping off their logo
The Politico: 'No Labels' short on Republicans
Washington Times: Reid threatens to keep Congress into next year
The Week: Sharron Angle: Next leader of the Tea Party?
Wall Street Journal: Judge sides with Virginia on health care law
YouTube: Obamacare ruled unconstitutional
ResistNet: Tea Party Christmas Carols!
YouTube: The Twelve Weeks of Obama (Jimmy Z)

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