Thursday, December 16, 2010


LTC Terrance Lakin convicted for refusing to deploy
Is Glenn Beck morphing into Alex Jones Jr?

Facebook founder is Time's Person of the Year
Show No. 233-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • We might not like anything about it, but Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States • The conviction of Lt. Col. Terrance LakinRant: The birth certificate issue is a losing issue • Yes I believe that Obama is not a natural born citizen • Obama was elected by the people • Hysterical comments (and thoughtful comments too) on Political Action Network (formerly ResistNet) • 'The military is brainwashed' • 'Our troops in Iraq should have a sit-down strike' • 'Mutiny is a good idea' • 'The jury should be executed' • Rush Limbaugh admonishes supporters of Mike Castle and other Republicans • Comments continued: 'Presidents should serve a minimum of 8 years in the military' • Writer explains that member of our military don't get to choose what orders they will obey based on who the President is • NFL tripping incident • Audio: Tripping incident at the Jets/Dolphins game •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music: 'I Am Jimmy Z', Jimmy Z • Show number 500 coming up • Michael Vick can play football, so the man who tripped a player should return • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is Time Magazine's Person of the Year • Michael Stollaire and Jimmy Z • Glenn Beck is morphing into an Alex Jones clone • The great job Beck has done on his show up to now • American history & Obama's White House • Alarmist propaganda • Riots in Britain and Greece • Mormon doctrine: Keep a year's worth of food and water • Glenn Beck gained the trust of his viewers • The change has been distinct and easy to see • The American Spirit • Beck's job is to come up with solutions and fixes • Motivating people rather than discouraging them • Faith in God is more important than politics; God is bigger •

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Anonymous said...

I've lurked resistnet for a while and I notice that you're a rare voice of reason on there amidst CONSTANT over-reactions and absurdity. I almost thought you were a progressive at first because you have an intelligent and balanced view (unlike the majority on the far right) --- I instantly lost respect for you, however, when you started feeding into the far right habit of calling Obama disrespectful names (Obozo, etc) --- The same ABSURD and MORALLY BANKRUPT people who have lied about and slandered the president are the ones you are feeding with your silly name calling (which STARTED with these same ignorant and knee-jerk reactionist people.