Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Drug cartel assassin, 14, to be tried as a juvenile
New CA law lets parents force school improvement

Letter to NY Times demands 'raise my taxes!'
Show No. 226-2010

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Opening • Audio: Pearl Harbor News Report • Audio: President Roosevelt addresses the nation, Joint Session in Congress, December 8, 1941 (full version) • News stories about Pearl Harbor today • Number of survivors dwindling • Audio: Original radio news report, December 7, 1941 • Music: Our National Anthem, The Air Force Academy Chorus and Band • Whatever it is Obama is up to, I'm against it • FCC plans for the internet must be stopped by Congress • Audio:Obama kicks door (It's a fake) • 16 year old loses control and crashes big rig truck14 year old drug cartel assassin in Mexico • To be tried as a juvenile, maximum sentence of 3 years • Bozo the Clown, Larry Harmon, died in 2008 • Audio: Nancy Pelosi claims unemployment checks create jobs, reduce the deficit •

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Opening • Audio: Pastor Charles Stanley speaks about accountability • Comment Line messages: Robert from Florida • Bailing out banks • Muslim woman who won't remove her hijab for a booking photo • Audio: Chris Christie on unions and schools • New CA law allows parents to demand changes to failing schools • SonlitKnight: Obama's new payroll tax deduction • SonlitKnight: The media will now call these 'The Obama Tax Cuts' • Details of the Tax and Unemployment benefits deal • Letter to NY Times demands, 'raise my taxes!'

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Pearl Harbor attack news report
YouTube: A Day In Infamy
Google search: News reports on Pearl Harbor Day
CS Monitor: Pearl Harbor Day sees fewer surviving veterans from 1941 attack
Big Government: Congress must stop FCC's internet regulations
YouTube: Obama kicks door open
LAist: Teen falls asleep at wheel, crashes big rig near homes
Fox News: 14 year old alleged cartel killer to be tried as a juvenile
Wall Street Journal: Teen hit man suspect could be out of jail in three years
Examiner: What should be done with 'El Ponchis', the 14 year old Mexican Assassin?
MSNBC: Larry Harmon, longtime Bozo the Clown, dies (July 2008)
The Jimmy Z Show: Obozo graphic
TownHall: Pelosi: Unemployment checks create jobs, reduce deficit
In Touch Ministries: Charles Stanley speaks on accountability
YouTube: Gov. Chris Christie on New Jersey unions and school reform
LA Times: Parents hope to force sweeping changes at Compton school
Wall Street Journal: Payroll tax holiday proposed by White House
NY Times: Letters: Raise my taxes!

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