Saturday, December 11, 2010


It should be simple: Dems convolute tax cut extension
Republicans to have 'anchor baby' hearings in 2011

Stimulus money for jobs in China thanks to Sen Reid
Show No. 229-2010

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Opening • Cable TV conspiracy theory • RFID chip crazy talk • Music: 'Santa Claus is a Republican', lyrics by SonlitKnightTAX CUT PACKAGE • Rant: It's not a tax cut, it's extending the current tax rates • Audio: Rush Limbaugh caller asks 'how can the same tax rate cause the deficit to go up? • Democrats battle with Obama • Democrats load the tax deal with spending, earmarks • Boxer sells her vote for spending • Audio: Olbermann praises Senator Bernie Sanders • Audio: Olbermann keeps calling the bill 'tax breaks' • Senator Sanders drooling over inheritance money • Rant: It's not the governments money

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Opening • Huffington Post: God bless Bernie Sanders • Audio: Glenn Beck criticizes people who want Julian Assange arrested • Audio: Santa cut-out with gun drives one woman insane • 222 companies and unions now have a waiver from Obamacare • Audio: Michele Bachmann on Fox News talks about the tax deal in congress • Obama says tax deal will pass • DON'T ASK DON'T TELL • Are we really losing highly qualified homosexuals from the armed forces? • Senate can't pass the repeal of 'Don't ask don't tell' • Audio: Gene Simmons of Kiss wants his vote back • Rant: Why was Gene voting for a man's skin color? • UN & Planned Parenthood say that people with HIV shouldn't have to tell their sex partners • Republicans say they will have 'anchor baby' hearings • Democrats pass along stimulus money for Chinese jobs • 33% of muslim students in Britain want world wide Islamic government based on Sharia Law • Sarah Palin cyber-attacked by Wikileaks supporters • Obama uses the death of Elizabeth Edwards to tout Obamacare •

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Jimmy Z: Santa Claus is a Republican
Rush Limbaugh: Baseline budgeting and the 'cost' of these 'tax cuts'
AP: Add-ons turn tax cut bill into 'Christmas tree'
National Review: Charles Krauthammer: Swindle of the Year
The Heritage Foundation: Morning Bell: There is no tax deal
YouTube: Bernie Sanders' 'Berniebuster' fillibuster
Huffington Post: Jacob Heilbrunn: God bless Bernie Sanders
AJC: Two black democrats bolt party for the GOP
TV Squad: Glenn Beck turns on Sarah Palin over her criticism of Julian Assange
KCRA: Gun-packing Santa draws fire
Facebook: Obamacare waiver-mania continues: List tops 222
YouTube: No Dice: Michele Bachmann
Fox News: Senate Tax Cut Package filled with sweeteners, Obama predicts passage
Washington Times: Perkins: Listen to the Marines on 'Don't ask don't tell'
Washington Blade: Senate 'Don't ask don't tell' vote in flux
Washington Post: Senate defeats 'Don't ask don't tell' repeal
Christian Science Monitor: 'Don't ask don't tell' repeal thrown into doubt by Senate vote
Washington Post: Senate delivers potentially fatal blow to 'Don't ask don't tell'
YouTube: Senate blocks repeal of 'Don't ask don't tell'
Fox News: Gene Simmons: I want my vote back
Life News: UN and Planned Parenthood sponsor campaign to OK willful HIV infection
One News Now: Congress to address 'anchor baby' issue?
MSNBC: Dems help Chinese firm chase stimulus money
Daily Mail UK: One third of British Muslim students say it's OK to kill for Islam
ABC News: Sarah Palin under cyber attack from Wikileaks supporters
USA Today: Obama: Elizabeth Edwards 'a tenacious advocate' for healthcare

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Michael said...

Santa Claus IS a Republican ~ after hearing your awesome song, it triggered a memory in my childhood, always asking my Mom why Santa was only eating the red Christmas cookies, and not the blue ones. Now... EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE!

God Bless America and Stay Strong,

~ Michael Stollaire