Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Dr. Michael Pryce
FCC oks Net Neutrality despite April court ruling

Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: China
Show No. 236-2010

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Opening • Rant: Republicans compromise and refuse to stop Obama's agenda • Elvis Nixon's piece on Obama and militant homosexuals • Judging Obama from what he does, not what he says • Audio: Reason No. 1: Why Obama is not a Christian • Reading: Soldiers opposed to homosexuality should be allowed an honorable discharge • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: China vs. America • FCC APPROVES NET NEUTRALITY • Rant: Three people (!) rule over 230 million Americans • April 2010: Federal court ruling against the FCC & Net Neutrality • Democrats in the FCC didn't think Net Neutrality was strong enough! • Obozo's misguided campaign promise • Draft delivered at midnight before the vote •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Music, 'Obama Claus Is Coming To Town', Jimmy Z • The Jimmy Z Show Interview: Dr. Michael Pryce • Background and an overview of his book, 'Anathema: America's War On Medicine' • Malpractice insurance, lawsuits and the cost to doctors • How doctors practice 'defensive medicine' • Obamacare creates 150 new bureaucracies • Medicare's 'recovery audit contractors' • Fines, penalties and interest destroy doctor's retirement • Half of America's doctors may leave medicine or stop seeing patients • Confirming Sarah Palin's 'death panels' claim • Obamacare isn't much about health care • Politicians are not interested in the truth about medicine • Responding to comments on the show page • Homosexuality, Native Americans, the United States and Christianity • Jesus Talk coming up later this week • Audio: Obama and Obiden support Republican tax concepts


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you responding to some of my comments on the show ; I agree with you that homosexuals make it our business when they teach that lifestyle as being OK in school --> Being the father of a young pre-schooler I take issue with that. They should leave teaching social morality and such out of school altogether and leave it up to the parents/church/etc ...

Now here is the subject that I disagree with you on: The thing you say about God having ordained America and that my questioning the morality of our past is "wacky?" -- I found it quite ironic the analogy you made , saying it would be the same thing "Blaming the penis God created for any rapes" ... The thing is : The United States as we know it WOULD NOT BE HERE if it were not for the ABSOLUTE RAPE and DESTRUCTION of it's former inhabitants. So by you saying God Ordained that, you are saying he ordained the means to the end result, for WITHOUT THAT RAPE and THIEVERY there would be NO AMERICA!

Jz said...

Two things: One, I wasn't saying as much that Harry Reid was the REASON I wouldn't support any bill, but that if Harry Reid is at the helm of any bill, and he's especially happy with a bill, one would have to think that this might not be good for Republicans (or America for that matter).

As to the non-sequitur, I'll try one more time: I am not saying that blaming the penis God created for rape. What I said was that by inventing the penis God did not approve of rape. Ordaining the creation of the United States does not mean that God approved of what happened to Native Americans. Perhaps God would have preferred we all get along, but the Indians here were not interested in peaceful coexistence with the 'Europeans'.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps God would have preferred we all get along, but the Indians here were not interested in peaceful coexistence with the 'Europeans'."

Oh, so it's the Indians' fault eh? Really? Columbus HIMSELF , his crew and the crews that followed took advantage of the Arawak's generosity and repaid them by wiping out hundreds of thousands of them - raping and pillaging and murdering nearly their entire civilization. This is something that is just a footnote in most history books and whitewashed in the rest but it's an undisputed fact. The only thing in question is the casualty figure. Some put it way higher in the millions.

By peaceful coexistence, do you mean the Natives should have turned a blind eye to the Europeans unprovoked hostility? After all their hostility was justified by their bible, just as the later enslavement/torture and murder of African slaves was justified by the same good book.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, if the Indians should have accepted and saught peaceful co-existence with the europeans who came for their land, resources; Why shouldn't we have the same patience and acceptance for the Mexicans who are coming for the same thing today!? At least they aren't trying to kill us all off.

Anonymous said...

I understand the longing for a simpler and more moral time. I wish more Christian's were Charles Ingles' type - Unfortunately most are Hariet Olson (or worse)

Rampant immorality today exists for a variety of reasons although I'm sure most conservatives firmly place most of the blame on "Liberalism/progressives") Although for a group of people who tout personal responsibility they sure tend to dodge it when it comes to accepting any fault of their own.

As you can see as a microcosm example on resistnet forums, there sure is a lot of outright lying, hypocrisy, two-faced condescending behavior these days. (not to mention all the fear mongering and over-reacting that drive a lot of people AWAY from the church/Christianity.

Jz said...

The POINT is that human imperfection doesn't mean any of it met with God's "approval". The United States of America does a few things no other country does - and spreading the Gospel is number one as far as God is concerned. But saying God approves of the wrong people do in his name is not logical.

On the Jesus Christ Show recently, the host illustrated this well. If a crazy man runs around punching people in the face, and says "This is from Bill!" And he punches a hundred people in the face - with the same message - "This is from Bill!" And then a guy shows up with a T shirt that says "I'm Bill", the folks who got punched are going to be furious with him.

This is what happens when people do evil in God's name. They're imperfect. Do not just God by the way people behave.

What should or should not have happened 200 years ago I am not going to delve into, because it isn't relevant to your question. Was wrong done? Assuredly. Is God to blame? Absolutely not.

As to Mexico, no - I don't think we'll be handing over any land to the La Conquista crowd anytime soon, but I do think Mexico could benefit by a benevolent take-over.

There are good and bad and smart and stupid Christians all over the place, just like there are good and bad people of every stripe. I'm only interested in standing up for what's right. It doesn't matter to me if someone is perfect or not, mean spirited or kind - the message remains the same. The fact is that the left has stood strong for destroying morality - the right has stood against it.

As to Patriot Action Network, these people are disturbed by what is happening to our country. I do identify with that. My attempt is not to ridicule them, but to assure them our work is not yet done, and we must stick to what we know is right. I think you're a little hard on them. They're not bad people, they just get taken by charlatans who have their own agenda and are using people for their own popularity - like Alex Jones does. I try to talk to people on a more intelligent level - like, hey, come on - you can think this stuff through.