Tuesday, December 28, 2010


111th Congress adds $3.2T to debt in 2 years
Debra JM Smith on following Glenn Beck

Hefner proposes, new fiancee bursts into tears
Show No. 241-2010

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Opening • Heart plays at one end of an ice skating rink • You can 'flag' the FCKH8 videos for offensive conduct • The videos with little children spewing vulgarity are blurring the line between homosexuality and pedophilia • Homosexuality normalized over 30 years, pedophilia is next • Audio: Reason No. 3, Why Obama is not a Christian • 111th Congress adds $3.2 trillion to debt • Rewind audio: Nancy Pelosi talked about not adding any deficit spending • 'Spread the wealth around' isn't just about America - it's around the world • The EPA moves to increase the price of gasoline and electricity • Rewind audio: Obama says electricity rates will skyrocket • Rant: Predictions with a crystal ball • National Organization for Marriage speaks out against the FCKH8 videos • Audio: NOM video regarding the vulgar videos with children •

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Opening • Audio: Debra JM Smith on Glenn Beck and his followersReality Check with Michael Stollaire • The DREAM Act • The Jimmy Z Comment Line • Monica's Christmas Greeting • Robert in Florida • Homosexuals in the military • SonlitKnight's Christmas Greeting • Robert speaks about folks who judge people who celebrate Christmas • Robert's poem about judgment • Rant: Martial law has it's place • Episode of Criminal Minds and situations where news is 'blacked out' • Calling on Elton John to speak out against the FCKH8 campaign • Hefner's new fiancee, marriage, women and money •


Anonymous said...

I suppose Debra Smith doesn't have home or vehicle insurance nor has a fire extinguisher in her house because she trusts G-D to protect and provide for her.

I agree with her that Mormonism is a cult, but there nothing wrong with making preparations for when things get (more) rotten.

Storing up food and other items to provide for your family in rough times isn't showing your lack of trust in G-d. It's just common sense.


Jz said...

The problem with Beck's 'leadership' is this "one year's worth" that is a specific doctrine of Mormonism. I'm not being contentious with you Brian - I understand what you are saying. And yes, we must be prudent. God doesn't want us to just sit back and say, "God'll do it."

Debra J.M. Smith said...

It is one thing to stock up for an emergency or while things are on sale. But it is quite another to store up things in a warehouse. And storing up a years worth of food is like storing up in a warehouse.

Glenn Beck followed up his comment of having a years worth of food stored up, with saying he has weapons too. Is that what we really want, to shoot our neighbors if they are starving and try to get some help from us while we and our family is eating?

You say you'll have some for your neighbors? Well, how many neighbors? How many can you help before you start shooting people?

And will you really eat while any of your neighbors are crying outside of your door or just blow them all away so that you don't have to feel guilty?

Fact is, if it really gets that bad, good luck holding onto that food. The government would come in and take it, just as Russia took the food from the farmers and let them all starve, while the rest of the nation was fed. What are you going to do then?

Oh, you have your seeds? Really? If your government is going to go so nuts, then where are you going to plant those seeds? You don't think they are going to let you keep your home, if they go that far. Do you?

Fact is, if you don't have the true and living God, as your Lord and Savior and put your faith in Him for your needs, you are one dictatorship away from starving to death, if the dictator so chooses to starve you.

STOP thinking you are going to beat the devil. If the devil comes knocking on your door, you had better have Jesus in your home, to answer that door. All of your food and weapons and seeds, will do you NO good! --Neither will your gold. Do you recall what happened in Cuba? No one was allowed to have more than the next person, and they're still not allowed to.

As for your comment about insurance and stuff like that: Don't be stupid!

Sorry if this sounds harsh. But if you really believe we are in for hard times, STOP thinking with man's "wisdom" and start searching the scriptures, for GOD'S wisdom! And pray for some too.