Monday, December 27, 2010


FCKH8 videos exploit little children on YouTube
The Christian 'anti-Christmas' movement

A song for Republicans: Ride On The Wave
Show No. 240-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • The vulgar pro-homosexual campaign from Canada • Proposition 8 in CA • Children exploited and using the F word now • Reading Debra JM Smith's article • Audio: F word littered pro-homosexual video • Who's hating who here? • Bullying isn't a good thing but it's part of growing up • 90% of 'queer kids' are bullied, beaten and bashed • If I'm a drunk, God made me that way • Music: 'The Ballad of Ben Gay' • Music: 'The Homo Army March', Jimmy Z • Music: 'Say No Homo' • Audio: FCKH8 video continued • If you vote against homosexuality, you are the reason homosexuals are slitting their own throats • 'Ballot box bullies' • 'Spread this like herpes!' • Audio: FCKH8 video on homosexual marriage • Parents who become pro-homosexuality advocates • The Bible is quite clear on homosexuality • Christians and Conservatives attacked (big surprise there) • Rant: Homosexuals brought their sex lives into the public forum • The institution of marriage is under attack •

Yes, she says those things. No, I'm not making it up.

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Dawn Stefanowicz's website and her book, 'Out From Under' • The Christian 'anti-Christmas' movementJimmy Z pilloried for celebrating Christmas • Curtis' angry, militant campaign against Christians who enjoy Christmas • Jimmy Z accused of not being Christian, called on to 'repent' • Devilish drivel • Jz condemned to hell for celebrating Christmas • Jz's disobedience •  Jz is a deceiver, vain talker, despises Christ • Vomit dribbles from Jz's putrid, venomous lips • Satan's work • My heart is 'blacker than Satan's evil eye' • What kind of witness is Curtis? • Audio: Sgt. Brian Fleming on the repeal of DADT • Audio: Gen. Jerry Boiken on political correctness in the military • Audio: Reason No. 2, Why Obama is Not a Christian • New original song, 'Ride On The Wave', lyrics by SonlitKnight • Audio: The amazing Lone Ranger story (Jay Thomas) •


Anonymous said...

After hearing the opening seconds of those pro-queer videos, I've become more tolerant of the fudge-packing perverts.

Disgusting, degenerate savages.

Robot (Brian)

Sonlit said...


Anonymous said...

The swearing was unnecessary but the overall message I approve of.

Jz said...

Overall message? What, 'no bullying?' -1- Bullying happens, straight or homosexual. I'm not saying it's a good thing but it is what it is. -2- The issue is not swearing; it is having little CHILDREN cursing that is most disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I tend to think brainwashing children into accepting fudge-packing perverts as "normal" is about as disturbing as their foul language.


Anonymous said...

You're a hypocrite JZ.

I was respectful but you still censored my comments...

I had a tiny bit of respect for you but now I have zilch.

By the way, you want God to use you in helping this country?? ALL YOU DO is "preach" to the conservative choir. How in the hell is that going to help this country?

You are a moron man, seriously.

Oh and your comment that "Indians apparently didn't want to get along with the Europeans" Shows clearly how utterly STUPID and uneducated you are. You clearly are just one step above trailor park white trash.

Oh and you made a comment that "liberals have a hard time being civil" MAN OH MAN are you blind. Have you seen the hateful comments from conservatives on liberal sites?? (Not to mention their insane diatribes on their home bases like resistnet) .. You have to turn everything into this "We're better than liberals" bullcrap when it just makes you look like a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to your piece about "Curtis" and his Christmas bashing. He reminds me of a white male version of Aunt Esther.


Jz said...

Censored your comments? I didn't delete ONE bit of what you typed. Not a letter, not a comma.

Anonymous said...

Well a couple comments from before Christmas never showed up ... If that wasn't your doing, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Do you understand the lunacy of your comment "Liberals have a hard time keeping civil" ?? considering the prevalence of venomous attacks from conservatives on liberals in this country .. Did you hear about the man in Nashville who continuously rammed a man's car who happened to have an Obama sticker on it? That's just one tiny insignificant example of violence and violent rhetoric coming from conservatives aimed at people like ME ... Do you see all the shouts to LOCK AND LOAD on places like resistnet? You should see the open threats from these same people trolling liberal websites. I have seen people call for murder of anyone who voted Obama ; Yet you have the gall to paint it like "Liberals are the uncivil ones" ?? Seriously man? Do you believe your own one-sided bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Dr. King once said:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate
only love can do that.

It's very true;

Hate breeds hate and there is a helluva lot of seeds of hate being planted on both sides.

Do you think God would approve of people like Pam Geller , Rush, Beck, etc who do nothing but fuel this downward spiral of hate in this country?

I'm not going to pretend for a moment I have been above the fray. In witnessing the hypocrisy and lies and threats of the right I have expressed utter contempt for them as well; Although I wish to get away from that cycle.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely believe there are some truly GOOD things to learn from and live by in the Bible/Christianity;

Yet people will never listen to the good things conservatives try to preach because ONE GOLDEN RULE is constantly broken:

Probably the wisest thing in the Bible:

He without sin cast the first stone.

You conservatives can preach at the top of your lungs and you may very well (and probably are) right about quite a few things -- But being vicious about it and havings o many skeletons in your own closet , (Rush/Geller/Coulter) absolutely puts a firewall and drowns out anything good you might have to say ...

As long as the hypocrisy continues, there will never be common ground in this country. We will always be divided and America WILL fall as a result.

Jz said...

I like Rush Limbaugh, Pamela Geller and Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thanks for clearing that up Jimmy.

I like some of your guitar riffs; Your show wouldn't be so bad, however, if you didn't spend half of the air time blowing smoke up your own ass. You sure spend a lot of time proclaiming yourself to be great.

I guess you didn't spend a lot of time paying attention to Jesus's lessons on humility.

Pride goeth before the fall, so they say ... (that's assuming you'd have somewhere to fall from -- considering the fact that you're speaking to a nearly empty room, that wouldn't be far)

Jz said...

Just so you know, I think that's about it. Your comments are getting pointless. If you have something specific on topic, that's another story. But this crap about me promoting myself - well duh. Promotion is important.

This is the best internet radio show there is - some others are using my techniques and they're coming up with better product, but I'm numero uno.

Being aware of how great I am is no insult to my humility. It's just an acknowledgment of fact.

With hundreds listening here, and hundreds more through syndication at the other internet radio sites, and add to that podomatic, the number is pretty good.

No fall forthcoming, but thanks for your concern.