Friday, December 17, 2010


Maddow & Letterman lash out at Fox News
Scott Brown backs repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

TSA fails to stop guns, bomb parts at airports
Show No. 234-2010

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Opening • Rant: Conservatives put Scott Brown into office • Scott Brown backs the repeal of DADT • Time to make the phone calls • Senator Hutchenson moves to block funding to the FCC over net neutrality • Reid pulls the huge spending monster • Vote coming on the START treaty • Audio: John Kerry can't imagine reading the bill • Commentary: My Dad's thoughts on Lt Col Lakin's conviction • Marine Commandant under fire for DADT comments • Audio: Rachel Maddow with David Letterman, attacking Fox News •

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Opening • Music, 'Santa Claus is GOP', Jimmy Z (lyrics by SonlitKnight • Audio continued: Maddow and Letterman attack conservative 'blowhards' • Audio: ABC News reports on TSA failures at airportsReality Check with Michael Stollaire: Wikileaks • Jimmy Z Comment Line • Steve talking about Christmas • Steve talks about the Lame Duck Congress • Rant: Congress should be limited to only the most basic business after an election • Robert on the school board shooting • Robert on spending and debt • Nancy Pelosi's legacy: $5.2 trillion in US debt • Audio: Beck in Ohio • 'The country is going down the crapper' •


Joe Dan Gorman said...

Enjoying the show, bro.

AngieComics said...

Regarding Letterman and Maddow and MSNBC's "accurate reporting". The whole conversation sickened me, including the hyena heckling in the audience as if every word that dripped from their mouths were a collage of best of punchlines from George Carlin.

In between the feigned laughter, were more Pulitzer winning journalistic unavailing of facts as Letterman saying, "Fox had a guy who made that stuff up." and Maddow confirming, "Yes. We didn't have that guy." The two giggled a brilliant in their own mind observation that FOX controls the media simply because "conservatives are aggressive and liberals are defensive." That FOX has memos going around pushing conservative ideals, where liberals have "nothing like that." And finally Letterman's Twilight Zone question, how could FOX create an environment where a "reasonable discussion on facts fall(s) on deaf ears?"

To answer these perplexed Leftists, they should ask President Obama. That's right. President Obama. He once said since the beginning of our country, we've always argued the size, scope and role of government.

The right leaning tend to want to conserve the power of government, like spreading the thinnest possible sliver of butter on toast, so it hardly covers the dry slice. The left leaning want to liberally apply government power, like troweling a brick of butter, tearing apart the very same slice. Each side has politicians who vary from arguing fairly to manipulating unfairly to achieve those ends. Each side has some politicians of their team who blur the line between conservative and liberal, provided their interests are met, compromising their traditional and expected position.

In truth, some issues do require government, like military endeavors or roads and highways as other issues require no government involvement like how individuals worship or spend their money.

But also in truth, the original function of our American government was as minimal a government as possible, that individuals were free to govern themselves. (Read that last line again two more times.)

Thus with every single issue we face today, Americans, from politicians to brilliant TV hosts, need but ask a single question, "How may private individuals solve this issue with little to no help from the government?"

But such reasonable discussion of facts falls on deaf ears…

Brian (Robot) said...

Back when Comrade Clinton was in office, I e-mailed an out of state congressman to get a list of the executive orders signed by the hillbilly whore-hopper.

I wrote to him because he was allegedly knowledgeable about such issues and my congressman (Sam Farr(Left)) was a Democratic-Socialist puke.

A staffer wrote staffer wrote back telling me they usually only respond to constituents in their districts.

However, when the congressman was up for re-election, his staff had no problems e-mailing me and ASKING FOR A CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION!

Sons of bitches!

P.S., I prefer to call Rachel Maddow, Rachel MadCow.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Z is noting more than a RINO who feels the some of the legislation passed in this last BIG GOVERNMENT lame duck session is "GOOD FOR AMERICA" AND IF you keep listening to him you just may turn into one....and he will use his brand of moral edicts to justify his position in BIG GOVERNMENT LEGISLATION"! WORD OF WARNING.....

Jz said...

Thanks for the 'warning', anonymous. Two quick responses. One: You are entirely wrong. I spoke out in great detail how awful the Republican capitulation (look it up) in the lame duck session was.

Two: It's nice to be anonymous, isn't it? ROTFL