Monday, December 6, 2010


Obozo lied: Fed workers will see raises despite freeze
Three traitor Republicans vote for $1.3T tax increase

Harley-Davidson took $2.3 billion from the Fed
Show No. 225-2010

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Opening • Music: 'We Three Kings' • Sorry about Christmas song • Elvis Nixon was out there at the Rose Brawl • Drinking and stabbing with alleged illegals • Bush tax cuts about to be extended for all • Audio: Senators Kyl and Durbin on not raising taxes • Rant: Unemployment compensation is not being extended for the vast majority of the unemployed • Pelosi's legacy: $5.2 trillion of debt • My letter to the New York Times on extending unemployment benefits • Audio: Sen. Tom Coburn on reliance on government and the real problem • Music: 'The Government Can' • Democrat contends if dems had let the economy crash, they'd have been in power for 40 years • Facebook quote: 'Nobody tell Obama about this number' • Obozo lied: Federal workers will get raises in spite of the freeze •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reality Check with Michael Stollaire: China's servers and the internet • Comment line: Robert from Florida • The fight for the right to defend yourself with a firearm • Taxation: Three Republican traitors vote for $1.3 trillion tax increase • Rant: These Republicans are making it easy for a conservative third party • Robert on the homosexual teacher vs 16 year old student (Friday's show) • Free speech • Rant: Republican traitors already • China's fear of internet freedom sounds like Obama's fear of internet freedom • Harley Davidson took $2.3 billion from the Fed • Homeland Security takes their aggressive policies to a Greyhound bus station • Muslim woman fights jail over requirement to remove her hijab for a mugshot photo

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Elvis-Nixon: Mexican Bruins stab fans: LA Times blames alcohol
NY Times: Bush tax-cut deal between Obama and Republicans is near
CBS News: Parties optimistic tax cut compromise imminent
YouTube: Sen. Coburn talks about too much government
Raw Story: Dem: If we'd let economy crash, we'd be in power for 40 years
The Hill: Dem: We could have let the economy fall and been in majority for 40 years
Facebook: Please, nobody tell Obama...
Daily Caller: Federal workers will still receive raises despite pay freeze
Fox News: Federal employees set to receive raises despite call for pay freeze
NY Times: Paul Krugman: Freezing out hope
Michael Stollaire's home page
Dick Morris: 3 GOP Senators betray us!
NY Times: Wikileaks archive - China's battle with Google
Motorcycle USA: Harley-Davidson loaned $2.3 billion from Fed
YouTube: TSA, Homeland Security & police set up checkpoints at bus station
Creeping Sharia: Colorado: Muslim woman fights jail for hijab mug shot


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You rock Jimmy! Your entire show makes such great points about our libby govt and how they are constantly screwing up!

Dellanie Ausin
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