Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hardball host wants Obama to end the argument
Obama is 'too busy' to make the phone call

Birth certificates vs. Certificate of Live Birth
Show No. 242-2010


Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • New bumper music riff inspired by the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel commercial • US government changes how it measures long term unemployment • Chris Matthews asks 'Why has the President not demanded that they put out the initial documents?' • The assumed reason he is not releasing the documents: He wasn't born here • Birth announcements are not proof Obama was born in Hawaii • Chris Matthews is tired of the argument and wants to end it • Obama doesn't have time to release the information? • 'Obama doesn't care' says columnist Page • Release the documents, make fun of us • Gov Abercrombie wants to release 'more info' • NY Daily News upset with Chris Matthews, 'stumbles, fumbled' • Busy Obama has time to talk about Michael Vick •


Anonymous said...

You call Obama "Obozo"

then 10 seconds later you say
"I'm not trying to insult anyone"

.. Too busy trying to pluck the
splinter out of other peoples eye
when you have a LOG in your own.

Anyway Sir , Hawaii releases and keeps on file ONLY the colb they released. The constitution has a FULL FAITH AND CREDIT clause that REQUIRES every state to accept ..

Why don't you support the constitution?

Anonymous said...

I really thought you were an honest person Jimmy. I didn't like your beliefs (some of them) but I thought you were at least honest (which is a rarity among conservatives) ..

You definitely aren't intellectually honest. You say you don't believe he was born here? WHY? The only people coming up with FAKE Birth Certificates are BIRTHERS THEMSELVES -- two proven fake Kenyan BCs.

They also keep repeating the lie that his grandmother said he was born there. If you listen to the entire recording , she clarifies herself that he was born in Hawaii. You conservatives sure like taking people out of context and SPINNING things. In other words, You are a bunch of liars.

Anonymous said...

The only people that look like idiots are you, with your childish name calling.

Anonymous said...

We might as well have a civil war.

This country is so divided it will burn to the ground as much as half the country hates the other half...

Anonymous said...

Alright Jimmy, forget the comments where I was rather insulting. You are quite insulting as well and it doesn't make for a civil mood.


I HAVE to point out a fallacy in your on air comment:

"The guy says the COLB is good enough to get a passport"
you reply "Well it's not enough to be a G-DAMN president of the United States you moron"

Actually , according to the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT CLAUSE of the contitution , IT IS enough and YOU ARE THE MORON for pretending to support the constitution that you figuratively (by your ignorance) wipe your ass on every chance you get.

I bet you also wished the Government stepped in and told the muslims they couldn't build their church on their property in NY ...

Seriously, you don't deserve to live here and neither do your conservative brethren. You are about the most Anti American people around.

Jz said...

I'm glad you're listening. The COLB is not a replacement for the long form birth certificate, and wasn't it the sec of state who said she had seen and will verify that the real birth cert shows Obama (Obozo, sorry) was born there.

Anonymous said...

I left some voice mails for ya ... (to your overwhelming regret I imagine) ..

Anyway Jimmy , I listen to you and to be honest, I don't dislike you as a person even though I'm trying to as much as I dislike your ideology.

I really don't think you're a bad or evil person, just self righteous and ignorant.

Jz said...

It's like you didn't even listen to the rationale, but that's ok. Thanks for the VM. I knew it was you when the notice arrived.