Thursday, December 9, 2010


DREAM Act passes the House, stalls in Senate
Reality Check with Michael Stollaire

American Spectator: Obama-Stockholm Syndrome
Show No. 228-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Local Middle School here puts on a patriotic assembly to honor US Marines • City charity arrangement with Marines in Camp Pendleton benefits Marine families • The DREAM Act passes the House last night • Wikipedia: Jim Valvano • Audio: Jim Valvano's  amazing ESPY speech, 1993 • Rant: I like the idea of giving the gift of Citizenship to illegals who become Veterans • Audio: Jerad Polis, D-CO on the DREAM Act • Rant: First we give them anchor babies, now we're supposed to give them the DREAM Act • Pelosi didn't need even one Republican vote • List of traitors: The Republicans who voted for The DREAM Act • Senate votes to delay action; Reid doesn't have the votes • Audio: Rush Limbaugh says the tax deal may not be passed by the democrats • Audio: Nancy Pelosi equates the DREAM Act with the founders' battle for independence • Audio: Dana Rohrbacher, R-CA, speaks the truth • Reid tables the DREAM Act in the Senate • Amazing video: Cruise ship in Antarctica tossed around by massive waves • 

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reality Check with Michael StollaireThe DREAM Act • Reid can't get the votes • CA Senators are a lost cause • Citizenship and our military • Mexican immigration law • Tuition fees in CA are the same for citizens and illegal aliens • Get involved and call Senators • Latest on the DREAM Act in the Senate; Republicans stand on tax cuts for all • SonlitKnight and Jimmy ZBush's approval number is higher than Obama's • Democrats fighting tax cuts in the House • DC democrats are more left now after the elections • Democrat strategies during the new Congress in 2011 • Audio: Obama referring to Republicans as 'hostage takers' • Great article at American Spectator: The Obozo-Stockholm Syndrome

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Wikipedia: Jim Valvano
YouTube: Jim Valvano 1993 ESPY Speech
Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research
Escape Tyranny: Arguing for the DREAM Act, Dem Rep calls illegals 'defacto Americans'
Michelle Malkin: Dems fight for 'defacto Americans; Pelosi gloats
House.Gov: Congressman Mario Diaz-Belart
House.Gov: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lahtinen
Fox News: Republicans slam DREAM Act for including criminal aliens
Rush Limbaugh: The tax deal could fall apart
Real Clear Politics: Pelosi equates DREAM Act to America winning independence
YouTube: Congressman Dana Rohrbacher on the House floor
ResistNet: DREAM Act tabled, shot down again
YouTube: Antarctic cruise ship tossed by massive waves
Christian Science Monitor: DREAM Act news: Bill stalls; what happens next?
ABC News: House democrats reject tax plan unless changed
American Spectator: The Obama-Stockholm Syndrome

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