Monday, December 20, 2010


Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed, gays come out
The Food Safety Act passed by the Senate

George Washington and military homosexuality
Show No. 235-2010

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Opening • Rant: The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell • I don't believe this is about joining the military • On tolerating homosexuality • Homosexual indoctrination campaign over three decades • Homosexuals and military showers • What's next? Normalizing pedophilia • THE FOOD SAFETY ACT • Shenanigans in DC: Republicans agree to passage by consent • No Republican objected • Rant: On November 2nd, we said 'Stop!' • The Tester-Hagan Amendment • We should shut down the 'lame duck' Congress • And now, The I-Word • People CAN be illegal - if you are not in this country legally, you are illegal! • Audio: Pramila Jayapal on open borders world wide •

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Opening • MORE ON THE REPEAL OF DADT • Audio: Commentary on the 'abomination' of homosexuality • Audio: Patti Murray from Washington state • Audio: Television report on repealing DADT • Audio: Senator Wyden's commentary on the floor of the Senate • Audio: Tony Perkins on the repeal of DADT • Audio: DADT, we are not on the right side of history • Music: 'Christmas With A Capital 'C' • Audio: Rest in peace, DADT • George Washington and homosexuality in the military

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Hill: Sunday Evening surprise, Senate unanimously passes food safety bill
Food Safety News: Sunday Surprise: Senate passes Food Safety Bill
Patriot Action Network: Food Safety Act passed by Senate, will go back to House
Farm and Ranch Freedom: Analysis of the Tester-Hagan Amendment
We Are One America: W*tback? N-word? Join the 'Drop the I-Word' campaign
YouTube: Don't ask me, I won't tell you!
YouTube: Murray urges end to failed Don't Ask Don't Tell
YouTube: WNYT: Dec 19, 2010 DADT comments
YouTube: Senator Wyden's floor speech on the repeal of DADT
YouTube: Perkins: Senate has blood on their hands for DADT vote
YouTube: 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'; We're on the wrong side of history
YouTube: Christmas With A Capital 'C'
YouTube: Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed - RIPDADT
YouTube: Don't Ask Don't Tell
Patriot Action Network: US Military: Now the Homos Can Finally Belong


Anonymous said...

So Jimmy: Do you wish we could outlaw homosexuality here?

Do you wish to push your christian beliefs on others? That's what it all comes down to.

By the way, if we (in our history) FOLLOWED GODS LAWS this country would never have been established and the Native Americans wouldn't have been wiped out.

Jz said...

God ordained this country into existence.

Thank you for writing - more on tomorrow's show.

Anonymous said...

So God approved of the mass genocide of Native Americans here, with out which there would be no "United States" ?? Seriously? Sounds like a pretty immoral God.

Anonymous said...

Jz: So homo's shouldn't be outlawed? We're getting somewhere then : I don't agree with their lifestyle either but it's none of my business -- The thing is, if they have a right to this life style in this homeland of theirs, then they should have a right to defend said homeland.

Was reading comments today again on resistnet; quite a few made the comment that "if they want to server than they should be put on point positions , first in, first shot" -- I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem with that -- this country has a deep history of putting people that aren't thought to be equals into the most dangerous positions (i.e. How they used to treat blacks) ... This type of mindset is all that is wrong and has ever been wrong with this country.

Anonymous said...

One more thing on your comment that "God ordained this country into existence" -- That's nothing new, Christians have long justified their sins and murder on being "approved by god," Puritans here in America used to outright justify their mass murder of Native Americans by quoting bible passages that they thought showed it was the "RIGHT THING TO DO." --

The sins of America are STILL TO THIS DAY being justified in the same manner, most recently with Iraq ...

The thing is, I don't hate America. I think this country has done some AMAZING things when we've been in line with our "Better angels." I just don't think we should justify or whitewash the mistakes of the past. The fact that I even bring said mistakes up, many conservatives on your so-called "side" would demonize me, calling me every name in the book -- some of whom would even wish DEATH on me calling me a "traitor" ... This country would truly be a dark place if those type of people ruled this country. I think then you would know what TYRANNY is all about.

Anonymous said...

Reading the resistnet thread about the senate passing the food safety act : I respected the fact that you pointed out to people how absurd for them to be making up crap out of whole cloth about it --- Though I was surprised to see people there actually point out that the bill is a NEEDED one (Tony's comment for instance) -- yet YOU make the absurd comment that just because people like REID voted for it you are against it. That is absolutely and horribly ABSURD. Just because you don't like someone you bury yor head in the sand to all their ideas!? That's what the liberals are doing to conservatives as well - No one will pay attention to the other side regardless how much sense their ideas have... This is why America is falling!

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be overly critical of you JZ -- In many ways you do seem to be trying to bring a level of intellectual honesty to resistnet that is severely lacking. See how you simply point out untruths being spread about a bill and how they literally demonize and attempt to silence and run you off over it?

You've had a tiny taste of what it would be like in this country if these type of people gained the type of power they seek. A fascist
theocracy could come of it and there is nothing HOLY or RIGHTEOUS about that.